Usha Misty Metal 35 Ltr Water Heater Review

Usha brand is famous for its product quality. It has been producing millions of products over the decades and has earned its name under the pillars of customer satisfaction.

Usha Misty Water heater is a geyser to store heated water and used for many purposes. It uses whirl flow technology and Incoloy 800 heating to maximize the efficiency of water heating. It comes with anti-corrosion ABS body, Dry heating protection and IPX 4 protection. It is very useful in the Bathroom for storing heated water.

Heavy-duty magnesium anode

It prevents rust and corrosion and hence enhances the life-time of the geyser even with the usage of heavy water.

High-grade superior PUF insulation

It minimizes loss of heat and hence ensures faster heating.

Incoloy 800

It is a high-grade heating element with a glass-lined enamel coating which increases the life of geyser.

Single weld line

It is present on the interior of the tank which reduces water leakage risk and hence saves from unnecessary expenses of leakage fixing.

High pressure withstanding capacity

It is up to 8 bars which are ideal for high buildings.


It protects the body of geyser against water splashes and hence increases the life span of a geyser.

Dry heating protection

Anti-corrosion ABS Body

It is an opaque thermoplastic and amorphous polymer that protects the body from corrosion and hence prevents iron in stored water.

Capillary type high precision thermostat

It cuts off or cuts out electric supply when the temperature exceeds the set limit.

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What Do We like

High Storage Capacity

A misty water heater offers huge 35-liter water storage which is excellent for families. Also, it is a good option if there is any water shortage this water heater will have some water stored for bathing needs

High precision thermostat

Even if one forgets to switch off the geyser switch, the high precision thermostat cuts off the electric supply, hence it is safer for household bathrooms. Even if one forgets to switch off it, it will be of no harm.

Fast heating

It saves us from the tension to switch it on much prior than it is required to heat the water.


The advanced features at such a low cost is cherry on top. It is very profitable to get it.

What We Don’t Like

No such cons were found.


Usha Misty Water Heater comes with advanced modern features, is anti-corrosive which enhances its life-time. The heating time is very rapid. At such an affordable cost, it’s totally worth buying.

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Ambareen Azam

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