Usha Misty 25ltr Storage Water Geyser Review

Usha’s range of electric water heater is an exquisite blend of beauty and technological innovation. The extensive collection offers you variety, performance, and safety delivers you a complete package.

Usha Misty is a 25-liter storage water heater. Energy efficiency and faster heating are its key features. The multivalve safety feature is also there in the water heater. The heating element is compelling. And the inner tank is made in a way it prevents water leakage possibility. Pressure-bar is very good and ideal for high rise buildings.

Superior PUF

The High-Grade Superior PUF is an excellent addition to this water heater. The Superior PUF insulation decreases heat loss and increases the time of stored heat water in the tank. It also improves energy efficiency and enables quick heating.

Thermal Cut Out

This is one of the basic features of every geyser out there. What it does is, it cuts the power automatically if the water temperature in the geyser exceeds the preset temperature. It is a reasonable safety precaution.

IPX4 Technology

This water heater comes with IPX4  technology on the outer body. It is water splash proof and rustproof. It will help the outer body last long and be durable.


The Multi valve technology is included in this water heater at this price range, which seems pretty good. It discharges the water if the water flow crosses the pre-set limit. Then it drains out the excess water.

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What Do We like

High-Grade Heating Element

This water heater has a unique heating element. Unlike the other ones, it has Inocoly 800 element, which is glass-lined. It is mighty, helps the water heating process quicker. This one also comes with Dry heating protection.

Pressure Bar

The pressure bar of this geyser is 8 bar. It is pretty impressive for a water heater. You will get a pretty stable water pressure up to the 20th floor of a building. Yes, it is that good and sturdy.

Inner Tank

The Single Weld Line inner tank is corrosion resistant. It performs decently on hard water conditions. The longevity of the inner tank is great. You won’t be disappointed at all.

Magnesium Anode Rod

This is the feature that makes this water heater perfect even in hard water conditions. It’s also corrosion-resistant and helps increase the durability of the geyser allover.

What We Don’t Like

Temperature Knob

This water heater is full of features except for the temperature adjustment knob. That would have made this a complete package.


This geyser has lots of pros in its favors and very fewer cons. Plus, the only con is avoidable. Starting from its storage, which is 25 liter, is more than enough for a family.

One time heating would be enough for everyone’s use. Pressure-bar is absolutely insane, and hard water conditions should not make you worry anymore for its magnesium anode rod. At this budget, this is an excellent deal for Usha.

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Koushik Mondal

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