Usha Misty 15-litres Storage Water Heater Review

Usha Misty 15 liter water heater is a package of elegance and high performance both in one single product. The product is really safer to use and cuts off electric supply when it exceeds the suggested limits. Equipped with the best in class safety features it is definitely one such product that you would want to bring home.

Made from ABS plastic

The outer body of the product is made from ABS plastic material which is strong and also provides protection against breakage and corrosion.

Elegant design

The design will suit any wall whether it be a kitchen or bathroom. The heater has got great features that are pleasing to the eyes.

Glass-lined coating

The inner wall of the heater where water will be stored is made of glass-lined coating which helps to keep the water warm for a longer period of time.

Added safety features

Circuit breakers, leakage protectors and safety valves ensure that no harm is caused to the device due to overheating or current.

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What Do We like


The product is made from ABS plastic which provides protection against rusting and other damages. Thus, the product functions for a long period of time.

Fast heating

The best product to choose if you do not want to waste your early morning busy hours for the water to boil for bathing. The product has got fast charging features which would not let you wait for more than 3 -5 minutes.

Stores heated water for a long period of time

The inner glass-lined coating saves the remaining heated water for a long period of time, Thus you do not have to start the geyser again and again for heating.

Super durability

As there are innumerable safety options and protection against corrosion and rusting the product is super durable for use in the long run.


As the water is boiled very quickly and also the access water is stored in it for a long period, the product need not be used again and again and hence the product saves a lot of energy.

What We Don’t Like

Not suitable for compact spaces

The heater is large in size and as compared to the other water heaters unlike the other small heaters and hence it cannot be fitted into smaller or compact spaces.



A great product to have in your kitchen or bathroom if at all you are looking for something like this. It provides superb features and greater durability along with so may safety options that will keep you tension free. Also, it has got a unique design that will suit any wall. The product does not keep you waiting for a long time and saves a lot of electricity.

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Aarohi Rodi

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