Usha Aquagenie Solid-Cyan 15-Litre 2kw 5 Star Storage Water Heater Review

Usha has always been providing efficient and excellent quality products for decades. The Usha Aquagenie 15-Litre 2000-Watt 5 Star Storage Water Heater is one such product for you this December. The product is faster than any other device and has a large capacity that can store water for an extended period.

Get your warm water within seconds, where you do not have to wait and get late during the busy morning hours. It has terrific safety features so that you do not have to worry about any leakages or overheating. 


Multifunctional valve

It releases pressure when the temperature goes beyond the needed limit. It also drains out the remaining water after acquiring the safety level.

Glass-lined enamel coating

The glass-lined enamel coating helps against rusting and corrosion. This helps the product to work effectively for an extended period.

Adjustable temperature knob

The temperature can be adjusted according to your needs with the adjustable knob given on the water heater. Hence, you can enjoy an experience like never before.

High pressure and stand capacity

The water heater can work fine under high pressure, especially in tall buildings. It has a maximum capacity of 8 bars.

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What Do We like

Automatic shut off

The product will shut off automatically when the temperature exceeds the limit.

Saves energy

The product is energy efficient. It helps save electricity and prevents any wastage of power due to its auto turn off the feature.

Rust free

The product protects against corrosion. Its excellent body structure is made out of rust-free material and glass-lined coating on the inside.

Fast heating

The product does not take much time to heat the water and saves a lot of time, especially during the busy morning hours. Thus you get warm water in no time.

Multiple safety features

The product is designed in a way to prevent shocks or any leakages in the future. It also provides safety and consumes less electricity with its multiple safety features.

What We Don’t Like

Not suitable for compact spaces

The product does not have a compact size. It cannot fit the smaller areas. Hence, to have this water heater, you need to have a larger area.


A high-quality product made by Usha company to give you an experience that is worth remembering and offers value for money. No more wastage of electricity or worrying about leakages.

The product is capable of storing a high amount of water after heating for an extended period, and hence, you won’t have to wait for taking a shower for a long time, unlike other products. This is one product to bring home if you are planning to but a water heater at home.

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Aarohi Rodi

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