Singer Warmega Storage Water Heater Review

Singer started as a sewing machine company and has been around since 1851. The singer started the Singer India Pvt ltd in 1977. They now have a vast range of home appliances to choose from.

Singer India has an excellent range of water heaters. They are made from the best of quality. The heaters are of the latest and smartest technology like the Singer Warmega Storage Water Heater. The heater is made of the supreme Singer technology and is an excellent pick as a water heater.


The Singer Warmega Storage Water Heater has a 15 liters water heating and storing capacity. It is enough to keep warm water flowing through for a long time, so you can enjoy without interruptions.

Power Requirements

The Singer warmega needs 2000 watts to function the best of its capability. It has a  3.5 Bar Pressure Rating. It is equipped with the best of Singer’s technology.

Body material

The main body is made up of Stainless steel material. It has a CRCA, Powder Coated Body. This makes the entire water heater  Corrosion Proof.


The water heater has many inbuilt systems that make the product very safe and secure. It is powered with a Two U Heating Element. It has Thermal Cut Out and a  Pressure Release Valve. It also has an ISI Approval mark. It has High-Density (PUF) Insulation and a High Precision Thermostat.

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What Do We like

Energy conserving

Singer believes in energy conservation. Hence its water heaters are built in a way to save maximum possible electricity. The singer warmega has an Energy-Efficient Insulation to support the maintenance.

Easy to use

The entire process of water heating is simple. It will only require one touch to give the perfect temperature. No additional settings or valves have to be adjusted to access the product for daily use.

What We Don’t Like

Installation kit

The singer’s warmega has an inlet and outlet at its bottom.  But they do not have a pipe attached to it. The fixable pipes have to be bought separately to initiate the heating


It has a 3.5 bar pressure rating, which means it can not be used in high raised buildings.



The Singer Warmega Storage Water Heater has the best of the technology. It is simple, convenient, and accessible. It has a very safe, secure, corrosion-proof built. It has optimum power requirements.

It has the trust of Singer India and its vast consumer base. It is a trustworthy product that is sure not to disappoint its users in the long run. The Singer Warmega is worth all its price.

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Hetavi Rudani

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