Singer Vesta Plus 25 Ltr Storage Water Heater Review

Started in 1851 The Singer sewing company has been around for 176 years. Singer India Pvt ltd came into being in 1977 has the trust of Indians ever since. It has a very diverse range of home appliances besides the sewing machines now.

Their set of water heaters are new with the latest technology. They are made with high precision and safety. The Singer Vesta Plus Water Heater is one of their best appliances. It is secure and built with excellent quality materials. It is efficient and reliable.


The singer vesta may look small with its 57*40 cm body but has an astonishingly large heating capacity. It can simultaneously heat and store about  25 liters of water in one go. Thus, making this the perfect choice for a large family where warm water cannot be compromised.


The singer vesta works best at 2000 Watts of electricity. The water in this heater gets heated at a rapid rate. As it features an 8 bar pressure rating.


The singer has its products crafted with the best of the materials possible. The singer vesta uses a stainless steel outer body. Whereas the inner tank is made from high-quality Glass Line Tank. It has Non-Corrosive Shock Proof ABS Outer Body and Vitreous Enamel Coating Tank


The safety of the water heater is an essential factor. The vesta plus doesn’t lay back on the protection. It is powered with Thermal Cut-Out. It has a  High Density (PUF) Insulation. The  Thermostat is secured with High Precision. It has long life ISI marked Nickle Plated Heating Element.

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What Do We like

Energy efficient

The singer vesta plus is high on the energy-saving principle. It has a 5 Star Energy Rating.


With ISI mark approval, the vesta plus is a very secure water heater model. It has special provisions to ensure product security. The features include a Thermal Cut-Out, High Density (PUF) Insulation, and a  High Precision Thermostat.

Easy access

The product is straightforward to use and has deficient maintenance. It has easy access, and no unnecessary hassles required.


What We Don’t Like

No pipes

The product has an inlet, outlet valve but no pipelines attached to it. Fitted pipes have to be bought and manually connected post-purchase.


Singer Vesta Plus Water Heater is efficient, energy-saving, and eloquent. It will heat water quickly. It is made with perfect and smart technology that looks out for safety. The heating capacity is impressive. It is a product worth the price and will fulfill the requirements in the long run.

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Koushik Mondal

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