Orient Electric Enamour Plus 25-Litre Storage Water Heater Review

Orient Electric has been trusted for years as India’s number one manufacturer of ceiling fans, home appliances, lighting, & switch-gear. Its motto is “Switch to smart with Orient!”. It manufactures reliable and trusted appliances, which are also affordable. One of the geysers with the highest rating on any shopping site is Orient Electric Enamour Plus 25-Litre. 

Its design is unique and is built very precisely with advanced technology, which delivers outstanding performance.

The storage of this geyser is 25 liters, which means higher the Capacity, more the users can be served hot water. It can handle high pressure up to 8 bar and is suitable for high rise buildings. It has a waterproof and shockproof body.


Its storage capacity is 25 liters. The power used by this geyser is 2000 watts. It can handle high pressure up to 8 bars. It is built in the shape of a diamond. It has a glass line storage. The dimensions of this product is 51.1 cm (Width) x 35.5 cm (Depth) x 50.7 cm (Height).

Highly recommended for use

It is a BEE 5 star rated, which shows that it can conserve and save energy. It has a patented Whirl flow Technology, which means that it provides 20% more hot water so that if a person uses it even after 15 minutes after it is shut down, it will give hot water.

Its inner tank has a strong coating of titanium enamel, which preserves this product’s longevity.


It is embedded with Japanese Antibacterial tank technology, which helps to kill bacteria. It has a temperature knob so that the user can adjust the temperature according to his needs. It is also provided with a digital display that shows what temperature it is.

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What Do We like

Safe to use

The safety is ensured with the help of a thermostat that provides thermal cut off. It is used for reducing the temperature as soon as the water is overheated. The outer body is made of durable and robust plastic. The inner tank has a strong enameled glass line coating, which helps to prevent corrosion and rusting.


It is provided with two years manufacturer warranty, seven years inner tank warranty, and four years warranty on the heating element, which is quite impressive.

High-Pressure Bar

As the geyser uses advanced technology, it can withstand a pressure of about 8 bars, which is perfect for multi-storied buildings.

What We Don’t Like

No major cons were found in this product.


This is a perfect buy as it quickly heats the water, and you will not even face a single issue regarding this product even in long term use. It also comes with an excellent and unique design, which makes it an item to be added to your shopping cart.

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