Orient Electric Aura WT0103P 3L Instant Water Heater Review

Orient Electric is a one-stop brand for Electrical Lifestyle. They are in the industry for more than 60 years and are a trusted brand, as well.

This Orient Aura electric water heater is a modern-day product. It will instantly heat your water. The powerful 3kw heating element helps to heat the water. Pressure-bar is great for high rise buildings. And the Anti Siphonage and Multi-Valve technology of this water heater is amazing.

Instant Heating

This water heater will instantly heat up your water. It hardly takes 2 minutes to heat the water properly. No more waiting around to heat the water anymore.

Thermal Cut out

Orient Aura is a water heater with full of features in it. The thermal cut out feature is good for safety purposes. It will automatically cut the power if the water temperature is exceeded the pre-set limit to prevent any kind of injuries/damage.

Anti-Siphonage and Multi-Valve

This water heater has Anti-Siphonage technology. It is to preserve the water seal via proper ventilation. And the Multi-Valve technology will help do many things. Relieves the water pressure and will discharge the water, for example.

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What Do We like

Pressure Bar

The pressure bar of this water heater is rated as 6.5 bar. It is pretty great for people who live in high rise buildings. You’ll get pretty good water pressure even on the top floor of the building. It is good at this price range.

Inner Tank

The inner tank is made of stainless steel. It is very durable and made to last longer than usual. It is corrosion-resistant and decent for hard water conditions. The inner tank of this water heater won’t show any performance difference even if used for a longer period.

Powerful Heating Element

The heating element of this electric water heater is very powerful. The 3000-watt heating element heats up the water instantly. The durability of this thing is way too long. Orient is giving value for money on this product.

What We Don’t Like


This water heater is not energy efficient at all. Power consuming is a bit higher than the other heaters. So the electricity bill might be a problem.


Orient Electric Aura is a budget-friendly water heater. They’re trying to fit as many features as possible at this price range.

Starting from the instant heating, high-pressure bar to the anti siphonage and safety features are incredible. This is a good choice for a single person user and for kitchens. It is pocket friendly and you might wanna buy this if you live alone. You won’t regret the purchase.

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Koushik Mondal

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