Morphy Richards Salvo Storage Water Heater Review

Morphy Richards is a brand of electrical appliances, headquartered in Swinton, England. They make excellent quality products of electrical appliances.

This water heater, with its powerful 2kw heating element, gives a pretty decent performance. With the temperature knob built in the water heater, it is effortless to set the temperature that you need. Being the pressure bar 8, it is a suitable choice for high rise buildings.

Energy Saving

This Morphy Richards Salvo has rated five stars, It is the very energy-efficient water heater. No more worrying about high electricity bills.

Outer Body

The ABS shockproof external body is very sturdy and is made in a way to be durable. The outer body material is rustproof. It is also corrosion-free, and the excess moisture won’t matter anymore.

Temperature Knob

This water heater has this handy feature. It comes with a temperature knob that can be set from low to high temperature according to your needs.

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What Do We like

Pressure Bar

This water heater is rated 8 bar pressure. Which is excellent for high rise buildings. Even if you live on the top floor, the water pressure you’ll get is very steady and decent. This is an ideal choice for the people who live in high rise buildings.

Inner Tank

The inner tank of this water heater is made of Superior glass lined. The material is great. It is corrosion resistant and will last very long. This is the main part of any water heater, so why compromise, right?

Heating Element

The 2kw powerful heating element can heat the water very quickly. No more waiting long for hot water mate. The build quality of this heating element is so good that you won’t see any difference in its performance for heating water even for a long duration. Its longevity is good.

What We Don’t Like


The storage capacity of this water heater is only 6 liter. At this price range, every other water heater is offering at least 15 liters. This aspect of this water heater is deficient.


Apart from the low storage capacity, this water heater is a great deal. It’ll save you from massive electricity bills, the pressure bar is high, the outer body is sturdy, and the inner tank is decent. I’d say if you are satisfied with the storage capacity, then go for it cause the rest of the features are excellent.

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Koushik Mondal

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