Morphy Richards Salvo Storage 25-Litre Vertical Water Heater Review

Morphy Richards is a well-known brand of electrical appliances, whose headquarters are located in Swinton, England. They make excellent quality products and electronic appliances which makes them amongst the most trusted brands in the world

This is a 25-liter capacity water heater. It is a higher storage version of the Morphy Richard salvo 6-liter water heater. It has a 2000 watt powerful heating element. It is an ideal choice for high rise buildings. The build is solid, and the inner tank is made to be durable.

Storage Capacity

This water heater has a capacity of 25 liters. That is huge. It is enough for more than one family. It means if you heat the water thoroughly once, it will cover up everyone’s work more or less.

Temperature Knob

This 25-liter water heater comes with a temperature knob built-in. It lets you adjust the temperature of the water according to your needs. You don’t have to heat it at the highest possible degrees always.

Energy Saving

The geyser is five stars rated. It can be used for a long time, and it won’t consume that much electricity. It’ll help you decrease your electricity bills.

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What Do We like

Inner Tank

The inner tank is coated with Superior glass-lined. It is corrosion resistant and designed in a way to last longer than usual. It is also rustproof. The quality of the inner tank is pretty decent. It comes with five years of warranty on the inner shell.

Pressure Bar

It is rated as 8 bar pressure, which is best at this price range of water heater. Pretty decent water pressure at high rise buildings. No need to be on the ground floor or any kind of compromise regarding that.

Heating Element

The powerful 2kw heating element heats the water as soon as possible. You won’t notice any difference in the performance, even in the long run. The performance is pretty decent.

Thermal Cutout

This one comes with a key feature called Thermal Cutout. It cuts the power automatically if the water temperature exceeds the preset limit to prevent any damage or injuries. It helps to increase your safety.

What We Don’t Like

Heating Time

The heating time of this water heater is long. Because first of all it’s a 25 liter so it will take more time than the normal ones, but still compared to some other water heaters of this range it is still a bit slow. Only if the heating element was of 3kw, then this 25-liter water heater would have been perfect.


The Morphy Richards salvo 25-liter water heater is what you call a perfect package at an affordable price. It comes with a 2-year warranty on the product and a 5-year warranty on the inner tank.

The build quality is quite decent and sturdy. Also, it is rustproof. The heating element is sturdy and durable. If the little extra time is not an issue for you, then this is your product.

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Koushik Mondal

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