Morphy Richards Quente 3-Litre Instant Water Heater Review

Morphy Richards presents its Quente water heater, which will instantly heat water. It facilitates automatic shut off which will help to shut down geyser from over-usage. It provides Adjustable Temperature Knob so that we can maintain it according to our want and also it adds on the safety feature. The product is also lace with the fusible valve to provide resistance from different power current.

The water heater has various attributes such as Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker, Adjustable Thermostat, and Multi-Function Valve so that it adds on the value for money to the customer. It also has a Thermal cut-off feature, which will help to diffuse heating after it crosses a certain limit of temperature in the heater.

Superior heating element

The product is made up of superior heating elements developed with superior technology so that it can provide good resistance from heat. Superior quality increases the efficiency of the product and makes it more durable against the scaling. It also reduces damage due to hard water, which will increase its sustainability overall longer period.


The heater has the running capacity of 3 Litre so that it can be used for a longer period and provide more heated water, which will be best suited for medium and small café, medium, and large families. It is an instant water geyser that will boil the water in a few minutes.

Prismatic Design and ABS Body

The product is made up of a vertical shape so that it can give optimum balance, which will increase its efficiency. It is made up of ABS plastic body, which will provide the Rust Proof body so that you can free from the worries of rusting. 

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What Do We like

6.5 Bar Pressure

The product has a pressure capacity of 6.5 bar, which helps it to handle the 6.5 times the pressure received in the normal circumstances. This is the reason for the heater to be best suited for the high-rise buildings. The high-rise building means more floor, which exerts more pressure on the heater.

Company Goodwill

Morphy Richards is one of the pioneers in household appliances because of an in-depth analysis of usage & habits of the consumer. It always focuses on efficiency & design so that it can provide the product which is stylish, useful, and efficient to the customer. The analysis helps to provide services in the new segment and solve more customer problems.


What We Don’t Like

Heating problem

The product has various interior features which help to differentiate it with other product, but it faces some problem such as heating problem.


The product has various characteristics such as Superior heating element, large Capacity, and Prismatic Design, which make it a good choice for the customer. It also has advantages such as 6.5 Bar Pressure and company will, which gives reason to choose it as compared to other brand but it has serious fault like a heating problem which needs to address.

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Yash Jain

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