Morphy Richards Lavo Storage Water Heater Review

Morphy Richards is a brand of electrical appliances, headquartered in Swinton, England. They make excellent quality products of electrical appliances.

This Morphy Richards Lavo water heater has a 15 liter of capacity. The 2000 watt heating element makes the water heat very quickly, and with its 5-star rating, the electricity bill is no more of a problem now. Its corrosion-free inner tank will increase the lifespan of this water heater.



The Morphy Richards water heater comes with a storage capacity of 15 liters. Which is pretty good for a water heater. In one go, an entire family can bathe with hot water. No need to heat every time before you use it.

Weather Heat Selection

This is one of the unique features I’ve come across in a water heater. This heater features a weather heat selection, which lets you select the desired weather mode as per the weather and as per your need. And it will then provide you with a preset temperature to heat the water according to your comfort.


The durability of this product is outstanding. It has an automatic thermal cutout feature that switches off the heater when it has reached the maximum temperature limit and puts it on standby mode making the water heater safe and durable. The outer body is very sturdy.

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What Do We like

Pressure Bar

The water heater can deal with the water pressure of 8 Bar. It is very much suitable for people who live in high rise buildings. 8 Bar Pressure is pretty much above the usual standard.

Superior Heating Element

If you’re looking for a high performing heating for a long duration, then this is your product. With its glass line coating, the power and durability of this heating element are insanely long.

Inner Tank

The glass lining inner tank is of another level — the Magnesium Anode Rod for handling hard water conditions and its corrosion-resistant. Morphy Richards has made sure that this product should not lack longevity.

What We Don’t Like


It can heat the water in a decent amount of time. But the problem is that the heating does not stay for an extended period even after you heat the water thoroughly. That is a major con of this water heater that it cannot store the heat for much longer



The Morphy Richards Lavo water heater is a great deal from many points of view. It is a high-quality product that is energy-saving, has a sturdy build, and the 15 liters of capacity is enough for a small family.

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Koushik Mondal

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