Maharaja Whiteline Clemio25 25-Litre Water Heater Review

Having a hot bath after a hectic day feels nothing less than magical as it releases the stress. Maharaja Whiteline presents to you clemio storage water heater.

Maharaja Whiteline Clemio 25L water heater will go perfect with your bathroom and home décor. It has a huge 25L storage capacity for prolonged use.

Glassline Inner Tank

This water heater has a glass-lined inner tank that prevents the tank from corrosion and scale formation in the inside portion of the water heater which ensures longer life and guarantees the durability of the product.

Incoloy Heating Element

Clemio water heater comes with a high-grade incoloy heating element that ensures low scale formation which increases the lifespan of the heating element for longer optimum performance.

Vertical Mounting

This water heater is a vertical mounting which makes its design look very much unique and trendy and it is suitable for large wall spaces.

Plastic Outer Body

The external body of the water heater is made up of ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) material that has features like shock-proof, sturdiness and rust-proof.

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What Do We like

25 Liter Water Storage

It reserves hot water up to 25 litres which is more than enough for the entire family to get pleasure of hot water bath at any time of the day. Not only you, but also your entire family gets relaxed and stay happy on the usage of the water heater.

Suitable for High-Rise Buildings

It works on 8 bar pressure. It is suitable for high rise buildings/Apartments as it has the ability to withstand extreme pressure head up to the ground.

MG Anode Rod

Magnesium ion’s help in increasing the product durability and life by safeguarding the tank from electro corrosion which in turn increases the lifespan of the product.

Powerful Performance

This water heater operates on 2kW power, which is powerful enough to instantly provide you warm water for a refreshing bath.

Temperature Control Knob

The temperature control knob provided in Clemio Water Heater allows you to set water temperature as per your convenience.

What We Don’t Like

It takes time to heat up the water. But given its capacity of 25 liters, it is quite acceptable.


Maharaja Whiteline Clemio 25L Water Heater is a perfect choice for a family. It has a huge 25L storage capacity. It is a vertical mounting with a heat indicator.

It works at 8 bar pressure suitable for high rise buildings. It has a glass line inner tank with an Incoloy heating element and the body is made of ABS material which makes it durable.

The water heater operates on 2000 watts power. It has a gorgeous design that easily blends with modern bathroom interiors, even the themed ones. It is energy efficient and has an ISI certification.

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Pranshi Agarwal

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