Maharaja Whiteline Clemio1 Water Heater Review

There is nothing magical than coming home after a hectic day and release stress with a hot bath. You cannot even feel fresh without having a shower in the morning.

Maharaja Whiteline Clemio1 1L water heater goes perfect with your bathroom and home décor. It is an instant water geyser that takes a couple of minutes to make cold water hot.


Clemio is an instant water heater that takes only a couple of minutes to make cold water hot. So, whenever you want to take a refreshing bath, there is no need to wait for long. Just a couple of minutes, and you can refresh yourself easily.

Vertical Mounting

This instant water heater is a vertical mounting that makes its exclusive design look very much unique and trendy, and it is suitable for large wall spaces.

Plastic Outer Body

The external body of the water heater is made up of ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) material that has features like shock-proof, sturdiness, and rust-proof.

Thermal Cut Out

Clemio water heater has a feature of thermal cut out that interrupts electric current when the heating element is heated to a specific temperature, which will save electricity and protects from dry heating.

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What Do We like

Powerful Performance

This water heater operates on 3000 Watt power, which is powerful enough to instantly heat water and provides you with hot water within a couple of minutes for a refreshing bath.

ABS Body

The heater’s ABS body contributes to two things – it makes this heater visually appealing, and it adds to its lifespan.

Pressure Release Valve

The pressure release valve in this water heater ensures your safety by letting out steam buildup.

Indicator Lights

The indicator lights on this water heater’s front show you when water is heated and ready for use.

Working Pressure

The clemio heater’s 6.5 bar rated pressure capacity makes it ideal for use in residential homes.

ISI Certified

The ISI certification of this water heater guarantees that it is safe for installation in both domestic and commercial spaces.

What We Don’t Like

No Temperature Regulator

This Clemio water heater does not have a temperature regulator to adjust the temperature of water heating.


Maharaja Whiteline Clemio1 1L Water Heater is a perfect choice for a family. It is an instant water heater with a heat indicator. It is a vertical mounting and works under 6.5 bar pressure and has a pressure release valve.

It has a plastic outer body made of ABS material, which makes the heater durable. It has a feature of thermal cut out and dries heating protection. The water heater operates on 3000 watts power. Its design is exclusive and trendy. It is energy efficient and has an ISI certification.

There is no temperature regulator provided in this water heater, yet it does not make an impact as it has way useful features.

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Pranshi Agarwal

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