Maharaja Whiteline Classico Super-25 Water Heater Review

Maharaja Whiteline has been a leader in innovation ever since it was founded in 1976. You have more than 40 years of brand value. It is the largest range in the industry across kitchen appliances, home comfort, and garment care.

This Maharaja Whiteline Classico 25 liter water heater is decent. The Long-lasting element is durable; the inner tank is sturdy and corrosion-free.

The safety features are all there, no worries about that. Very much power saving and capacity are, no doubt, good.

Long-Lasting Element

The Long-Lasting Heating Element is made to give you instant results. It can heat the water in no time. The 2000 watt heating element is very powerful and advanced. This element is long-lasting and will make sure you keep getting those hot waters in no time throughout the years.


25 liter for a water heater is pretty much enough, I think. A family of 4-5 members can do all of their work within those 25-liter hot water, and you won’t have to turn it on again. It is sufficient.

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What Do We like

Energy Saving

The Whiteline Classico is rated as 5-star energy saving. This will save you a huge amount of electricity bill. Even if you use it for longer hours, or more frequently, still you have nothing to worry about power consumption.

Inner Tank

The inner tank is very sturdy and durable. It is made of stainless steel. Also, it’s corrosion and rust-resistant too. It won’t let any kind of water conditions harm the inner tank, thus increasing its lifespan.

Multiple Safety

Safety is one of the top concerns for a water heater. The thermal cut out feature is in it, which cuts the power automatically if the water temperature exceeds the limit, so there is no damage done.

A much-needed safety. And on the other hand, the safety valve feature is, if the water pressure is extreme and crossed the pre-set limit, then it discharges the water making the pressure stable. Both of this safety feature is very much needed in a water heater.

What We Don’t Like

Pressure Bar

The pressure bar of this water heater is very disappointing. It has been rated only 3.5 bar. It is not at all recommended for any high rise buildings. Only suitable for people who live on the ground floor.


This Whiteline Classico water heater is an excellent storage capacity heater. The ideal choice for a family of 4-5 members in it. The multiple safety features ensure your and your family’s safety, the inner tank is sturdy and durable. Long-lasting elements heat up the water pretty quickly, and it is very energy-saving.

If you live on the ground floor, then go for this one.

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Koushik Mondal

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