Longway Hotplus 35L Storage Water Heater Review

Longway is a very known company in the water heater market currently. They make quality products and do not compromise with the product quality.

The 35-liter humongous storage water heater is an excellent choice for family purpose use. The ABS outer body and stainless steel inner tank are long-lasting.

5-star energy rating, this water heater won’t consume much power. The AVS technology that has been used in this product is very advanced. Also, it comes with a Temperature meter.

Rust Free Body

The outer body of this water heater has ABS technology and is made of stainless steel. It is corrosion and rustproof. The excess moisture of the air in the bathroom won’t affect the outer body of this water heater. This is very sturdy.

Power Saving

This Longway Hotplus water heater is rated 5-star energy saving. It will consume so less power that it will hardly make a difference in your electricity bill. No more huge bills. Use as much as you need.

Temperature Meter

A water heater must have some basic features. This is one of them. This geyser comes with a Temperature meter built-in. While you’re using this product, this feature comes in very handy.

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What Do We like

Storage Capacity

This water heater has a storage capacity of 35 liters. That is insane for a water heater. A full family can use it, and still, some water will be left in the tank to be used. It is an excellent choice for families. One heat, and it’s enough for everyone.

Inner Tank

The inner tank of this geyser is made of solid Stainless Steel. It is very sturdy and heat protected. The inner shell is durable and corrosion-resistant. It is decent for hard water conditions.

Thermal Cut Out

The thermal cut out feature is in this water heater. If the water exceeds the pre-set temperature, then it cuts the power automatically, ensuring your’s and your family’s safety. This feature should be in every water heater’s out there.

Safety Valve

The safety valve is designed in a way to release the water pressure automatically and discharge the water if the water temperature exceeds the pre-set limit. This Safety feature is there cause Longway knows your safety is first.

What We Don’t Like

Heating Time

It was quite obvious for this water heater. A 35-liter water heater should have a more powerful heating element so that it can heat the water more efficiently. This one takes a bit longer to heat the water.


The Longway HotPlus 35 liter water heater is great for families out there. The waiting time might be a little too long, but the amount of water it is heating is also quite large. The build is excellent and sturdy. Inner Tank is long-lasting. This product is a sure buy.

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Koushik Mondal

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