LONGWAY® HOT Plus 25 LTR Review

With growing age, comes the ever-increasing responsibilities and the increasing stress in your life. Bath is the only time when one thinks of dumping all those. It’s a proven fact that the hot water bath provides one with the calmest mood or rather a level of energy, one has always wished for.

Thus, the invention of geysers found another crystal clear growth in today’s world. So, here we have the “Longway® Hot Plus 25 LTR ” water heater that contributes to the above.

This water heater has an excellent capacity of 25 ltr. It holds the capability to let the multiple people bath on a single switch with a minimum wait.



This 5 star rated (energy efficiency) device, apart from possessing a high-quality thermostat to prevent the inner tank material from overheating, has an excellent capacity of 25 Ltrs.

Heavy Copper Element

The heavy glass coating and copper as the heating element provides for a high efficiency that prevents the formation of scales, increasing the life of the device.

Rustproof Powder-coated Body

The geyser features a temperature meter for indicating the relative temperature of the hot water. It also has a seven tank processed powder-coated body that prevents the device from the chances of rust on the body.

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What Do We like

Heating Indicator

The device consists of two colored indicators, i.e., red and green. The former signifies that your water is being heated while the latter provides the information that your water is ready with it’s desired heating level.


The geyser consists of a safety valve and thermal cut out features that provide for an automatic relief of pressure and discharge water if the pressure overshoots the pre-set limits. It contains provisions for an automatic cut-off of the power supply if the temperature exceeds the highest pre-set level, ensuring complete safety.

Working Pressure and Power Saver Mode

It is designed in a manner that can withstand the highest pressure of 6.5 bars that makes it friendly for the multi-story buildings. Also, the power saver mode ensures a complete savage of power and cutting off high electricity bills.

What We Don’t Like

Heating Time

Users have complained that it takes more than an hour to heat the water after 10 to 15 days of use.


This geyser provides for the best performance and efficiency. Also, it has a manufacturer’s warranty for the various parts for a specified period. The five stars rated energy-efficient device is a BIS certified device that goes in line with all the safety standards. Thus, considering all the above specifications, the device can be a worthy buy.

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Hari Priya

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