Kenstar Atom 3 Litre Geyser Review

Kenstar presents its Atom model which is an instant geyser. The geyser will heat water in less than 3 minutes so that it can reduce your waiting time and save it for other activities. It has impeccable design and stylish look packed with unique features keeping in mind today’s lifestyle. It also has ISI certification which helps to enhance customer trust in the product.

The product has various characteristics such as a fusible valve whose main work is to protect the geyser when it overreached the certain prescribed limit of temperature. It fused after that so that it can save it from the ignition of a fire. It also has fire retardant cable which use to stop fire for a certain period to spread across it.  

Powerful heating element

The product has a powerful heating element which helps to heat the water in just 3 minutes. It helps to provide warm water easily and swiftly in just a few minutes. It has a capacity of 3000 watts which help to heat water as soon as possible. It also has a 3.5-year warranty provided by the company.

ABS body

The product is made up of ABS body which is plastic material that is primarily used in the geyser to provided resistant from heat and electricity to the consumer on the outer part of the geyser so that the consumer is secure from shock and fire. It also helps to save the product from corrosive as it is non-metallic.

Stainless steel tank and capacity

The product tank is made up of Stainless steel which is a type of steel that contains chromium which helps to save it from the damages caused by air and water. It also has the capacity of 3 liter which is sufficient for the bath and washing clothes/utensils of families

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What Do We like

6.5 bar

Bar is the unit of measuring the pressure exerted by water towards geyser when it enters into it. 1 bar is normal atmospheric pressure inserted on everyone. The capacity of 6.5 bar means it can handle the 6.5 times the normal atmospheric pressure. The distance between containers (water stored) to the tap helps to calculate the pressure exerted by water on it.

Heavy-duty magnesium anode rode

The product has magnesium anode rode whose main aim is to protect the steel from the corrosion. Magnesium is more reactive to the water which helps it corrode it first rather than corroding steel (less reactive). Heavy-duty magnesium helps to increase the durability of anode road which increases product life span.

What We Don’t Like

Heavy power consumption

Although the product provides durability and safety, it uses too much power as compared to other geysers which drastically increases there electricity bill and increases expenses too.


Kenstar Atom has various features such as Powerful heating element, ABS body and Stainless steel tank and capacity which makes it compelling and alluring for the customer. It also has various advantages such as 6.5 bar and Heavy-duty magnesium anode rode which add-on to the value of the product. But the company still has to resolve the power consumption issue.

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Yash Jain

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