Kenstar Aquafresh KGS15G8M-GDE 15-Litre Water Heater Review

Kenstar is a leading company that sells air conditioners, air coolers, mixer grinders, and electric kettles, water geysers, and home appliances.

Kenstar Aquafresh Water Heater has a good storage capacity of 15L. It has a rustproof powder-coated MS body with plastic top and bottom lid and consumes the power of 2000 watts.

It has a blue sapphire enamel- coated tank and temperature control knob. It is the best water heater to start a day. It has an attractive look which suits every kind of bathroom.

Coated tank

It has a blue sapphire enamel-coated ultra-thick tank, which helps the geyser from rust and corrosion and makes it long-lasting and durable.


It has a high precision capillary thermostat which helps in controlling the temperature of the water according to the need of the user so that you get the temperature which you need.

Anode Rod

The aqua water geyser contains the heavy-duty magnesium anode rod, which prevents the tank from corrosion and rusting. The life period of the tank also increases and can store water easily.

Thermal Cut-Off

It has a property that prevents the overheating of water by cutting off power at 90-degree water temperature. It acts as a safety device and helps in preventing accidents.

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What Do We like

Heat Retention

The water geyser can retain heat for some time as water can cool down. The geyser has a quick water heating facility.

Suitable for Multi-Story Buildings

It is suitable for multi-story buildings because of its ability to withstand more water pressure. It is rated as 8 bar pressure.

Control Knob

It provides the facility of adjusting the temperature as per whether condition and as per the need of the user.

Energy Efficient

It is energy efficient. So, it does not consume much electricity and saves your electricity costs as it is rated five stars.

What We Don’t Like

Storage Capacity

It has given the water storage capacity of 15L, but it cannot store much as water as given according to its storage capacity.



The Kent star aqua fresh KGS 15G8M -GDE has a stylish design that gives a very attractive look to the bathrooms.

It has a quick heating feature, and it comes with a multi-functional valve which acts as a pressure release valve, drain valve. It has a safety feature of thermal cut-off, which prevents accidents.

The geyser has good storage capacity and provided with a thermostat, which helps in controlling the temperature. It is suitable for multi-story buildings.

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Pranshi Agarwal

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