Hindware Atlantic Ondeo Evo 10L, 2kW Review

In a generation, where the money is the biggest asset in the bucket lists, people have forgotten the meaning of peacefulness, “stressed” is the only adjective they define their state as well, no matter how hard you try, in the end, all you need is “happiness.” And happiness without “peace” has no meaning. Also, sometimes, peace can also be achieved with a four-five minute bath you take. It’s a well known saying that “Modern problems need modern solutions,” thus, helping you cope with the difficult situations, Hindware is here “Atlantic Ondeo Evo (10L, 2kW).

The high energy-efficient water heater, along with its excellent water storage tank of  10L, shows a new generation’s trend that should definitely never be missed.


It comes with Exclusive O’ Pro Technology, which provides additional protection to elements of the geyser against corrosion, thus giving a longer life to the tank and heating element and in total, the overall device.

Temperature Adjustment

The temperature can be adjusted as per the requirement of the user, as it contains the control knob in the outlet.

Storage tank

It has an excellent 10 L capacity that is more than enough.

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What Do We like

Safety Standards

It has undergone various safety checks and thus provides protection against water splashes.

Energy Efficient

The device is extremely energy efficient with a 5-star rating, where it provides 25 percent quicker heating and also has a heating indicator to provide ease to the user.

Optimized Inlet diffuser

The device ensures uniform heating of the water and thus maintaining a uniform temperature throughout.

What We Don’t Like

Electricity dependent

The product is largely dependent on electricity and thus is not suitable in places where there is an electricity crisis.


Though not a major issue, sometimes it’s the weight of around 7.8 kg might be a limitation wherein the customer has to choose the correct place, keeping every possible hazard in mind to install it.


The company provides for easy installation, 24 *7 helpline number, established branches in the city, and a promising output along with its warranty period that lasts up to seven years.It is a white-colored water heater, which is energy efficient such that there will be no issues regarding a hike in electricity bills. Also, it’s the outstanding performance, along with the storage capacity, is the cherry on the pudding.   It is, in fact, easy to use and maintain and is also safe, hence it is an ideal water heater for people looking into the same.

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Hari Priya

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