Hindware Atlantic 25-Litre Storage Water Heater

One of the best and top-rated products in the geyser section in terms of its water storage capacity and advanced technology is Hindware Atlantic GL(ABS) HS2501GDD20 25-Litre Storage Water Heater.

It is an advanced quality water heater and is available only in one color and that is white. It has a unique design and provides excellent storage capacity.

Its inner tank is enamel coated glass-lined which protects it against corrosion and can handle temperatures above 500 degrees Celsius. Its outer body is made of high-quality Abs plastic which is strong and durable.

Advanced technology

It comes with an optimized inlet diffuser which helps to heat the water and it maintains the temperature by keeping the water temperature balanced. It can withstand the high pressure of 6.5 bars.

Low Energy consumption

It is a 5-star BEE rated product for a reason as it consumes low energy and doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket by using a huge amount of electricity. So, it is very cost-effective.

Robust body

The body is made of strong and durable plastic. The inner tank doesn’t easily get corroded by over-heating as it has a glass-lined coating that protects it against rust and corrosion. It also has two indicators that show when the product was switched off/on.

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What Do We like

Ideal for daily use

It is very much ideal for daily use and provides a good service. It is ideal for a small household and multi-storeyed buildings as it can withstand 6.5 bar pressure.

Safe to use

The safety is ensured with the help of a thermostat which provides thermal cut off. It is used for reducing the temperature as soon as the water is overheated.

No energy wastage

As soon as the water gets heated, the thermostat stops all the operations and stops heating the water which provides low energy consumption. It is used to conserve energy by utilizing a low amount of energy. That is one of the reasons why it is BEE 5-star rated.

What We Don’t Like

No major cons were found in this product. One of the minor con is that it takes around 20 mins to heat the water but given its high capacity of heating 25 liters of water it is acceptable.


For Geyser under INR 10,000, it is worth a buy as it has excellent storage capacity and works just fine in daily use. It is used to ensure safety for the users and protects the users from any harm or accidents. 

Overall, it is a value for money product.

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