Hindware Atlantic Convenio- 3L, 3kW Instant Water Heater Review

In this modern era of instant and fast technologies, our craving for instant water heating is not a mistake. Hindware Appliances provides us with the lavish and exquisite range of products, totally beneficial for this purpose. Being available in 3 L and 1 L capacities, these geysers are modified with robust features along with perfectly fine safety panels.

One of the worth mentioning models of the same is the Hindware Atlantic Convenio heaters. Starting at a range of Rs.3850, the model is all worth every penny you spend on it. Let’s explore the vast feature range, benefits, problems and other information for the same in detail.

Robust Construction

The white-colored model with exquisite construction, composed of a stainless steel tank along with ABS Body. The model is corrosion resistant. Dimension is 405*215*235 and voltage of 220-240V/50Hz.

Notable Working Pressure

The model is featured with the specification of withstanding the high pressure of close to 6.5 bars. This notable modification, surely makes it friendly for multi-storied buildings.

RPR Valve

The model comes with the RPR valve serving all the key purposes.  If the pressure inside the tank somehow overtakes the rated pressures, it helps to release the pressure from the outlet.

I- Thermostat

The mode comes with this feature helping in the prevention of too much wastage of energy.  Hence, electricity costs are reduced too.

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What Do We like

Quick Heating Policy

The model is studded with superfluous stuff. Hence the water gets heated quickly within a few minutes. One can have the benefit of having hot water instantly.

Easy Install

The brand is friendly and easy to use. A basic mechanic or plumber is enough to fit it out in your bathroom irrespective of the size.

Energy Waste Prevented

As the model comes with the feature of I Thermostat, it helps in the reduction of energy wastage. Hence, electricity expenses are also cut down.

What We Don’t Like


Technical issues can sometimes lead to water leakage. The nozzle turns out to be defective.

Heating Problem

The nozzle can form defects at times. Hence, the water is not heated as per expectations.


To sum up the entire thing, Hindware appliances come with terrific features to meet our daily demand. This pocket-friendly product definitely, ensures all sorts of superior safety along with the management system of instant hot water. Servicing at regular intervals can lead to fixing up of the problems as detected sometimes. But one never needs to worry regarding the bathroom size as the product comes with all sorts of durability and benefits.

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