Crompton Solarium Aura ASWH1325 25-Litre Storage Water Heater Review

Crompton is one of the best sellers of the water heater in the market. As the water heater plays an integral part in our lifestyle, Crompton manufactures leading products in the market of Geyser. One of the best products of Crompton is this Crompton Solarium Aura ASwH1325 Water Heater in a reasonable budget.

The water heater of Crompton will give provide you a refreshing hot water shower experience. You can get rid of all-day tiredness of office work. The electric water heater is convenient and easy to use. It will easily convert your cold water comes into hot water up to a certain degree. You can conveniently use hot water through it.

Compact and Rust Proof Design

The Solarium Aura water heater is designed compactly with a rust-proof body. It has a sleek and stout outer design that is molded by ABS material. The water heater will blend perfectly with your upscale bathroom decors. You can vertically mount it to occupy a nominal space.

Energy Efficient

The Crompton provides a 4-star rating with this energy-efficient water heater. The water heater also possesses a high-quality PUF foam to maintain the water heater for a longer duration. It ensures to use less electricity and provide high heat retention.

8 Bar Pressure

The Aura water heater has featured with 8 bar pressure. It is entirely suitable for high rise buildings. Also, it can endure pressure up to 8.0 kg/cm2.

Safety and Security

The water heater comes with a high precision thermostat and resets knob. The pre-set thermal cut-out will provide dual safety to your family. It is manufactured with the ability to stay secure & safe from voltage variations and sudden power cut.

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What Do We like

Hugh Storage Capacity

The Solarium Aura water heater has a tank of 25 liters of ability to provide you sufficient hot water at any time of the day. Twenty-five liters of hot water is enough for a small to medium family.

Energy Savings

The Solarium Aura water heater saves energy because it consumes 59.5 percent less energy. Also, the Inner tank of water heater is protected with a patented Nano polymer coated tank to maximize protection against rust.

High-Quality Heating Element

The water heater comes with a powerful & high-quality copper heating element. The copper element has a coating of Incoloy that will help to heat the cold water faster. It can heat the water in 10 minutes up to 45 degrees.


What We Don’t Like

Output line leakage

The water heater’s output line leaks a little bit of water while it contains water. It will waste the water with regular leakage. 



Despite having a little bit of output line leaking issue, it is a worthy product for water heating. It is affordable as it comes under budget.

It possesses so many advances and essential features for water heating. It will save your electricity bill as it consumes less energy. If you’re looking for a medium-range water heater for your family, then it is a good choice to go for.

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Komal Pandey

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