Crompton 25 L Storage Water Geyser Arno Neo Review

Every time one feels irritated, he either asks for a coffee or a peaceful hot water bath. Well,  the stressed and busy life asks for it.  And someone would definitely not wish to enter the kitchen and boil the water or use the coils that fill one’s time in a  hassle manner.  Well,  with the increasing technology,  a switch is all you need to “ON” and the rest will be in your tub within a matter of minutes. And then,  of course, there’s no turning back.

Supporting the very ease, and believing Quality is where it matters, with the onset of various water heaters,  there is nothing wrong in one searching for it throughout the globe for a perfect and ideal one.  Well,  apart from the quality,  there are other factors too, analyzing the same,  Crompton is herewith, “Crompton 25 L Storage Water Geyser White, Arno Neo 1525 “.

Colour And physical outlook

The product is white in color and with the very color that’s meant to provide peace, it provides the same feeling as one put’s it on.


It owes for an extremely beautiful and large storage tank capacity of about 25 Litres that can actually make the whole family to the bath .


With the preset thermal cutout feature and the beautifully designed heating element protection features, the device is extremely consumer-friendly and can be the best reach when it comes to quality.

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What Do We like

Energy Efficiency

It is a 3 star rated device, making it somewhat a  reliable one in terms of energy.

High thermostat control

The device offers the desired quantity of hot water with a high precision thermostat and a safety valve.

Temperature Adjustable

The device contains an adjustable knob that helps to adjust the range of temperature required (between 25-75 Celsius) and thus making it reliable even if it’s not winters.

What We Don’t Like

High Weight

One has to look for a proper space to install it due to a heavyweight of about 6 kg.


The company provides for a 24*7 helpline number along with proper customer service. The product is easy to use, maintain and is in fact very much in terms of a consumer-friendly environment. It’s a wonderful design along with the promised output, the product is definitely a must-buy for all those in search of the same.


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Hari Priya

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