Bajaj Majesty 3-Litre Water Heater

Bajaj Group is an Indian conglomerate comprising a total of 37 companies dealing with automobiles to household electronic appliances. Bajaj offers a small water heater which offers a maximum capacity of 3 liters and operates with the total power of 3000 Watts. It only takes up to 1 minute to heat 3L of water and stores it. It is perfect for singles and new couples. It is presented at a very economical price and is very to install and use.

Body Material and Structure

It is a small handy water heater which can be used easily in kitchens and washrooms. It features an Adjustable thermostat and thermal cut off which is really unique. It’s made up of ABS plastic and has PUF insulated tank.


It might look small but it is a beast from the inside. it can heat up 3L of water under 1 minute. It runs on a power of 3000 Watts. It also features a warranty for 2 years. It is consumer-friendly and is very useful and recommendable.


This Heater has been made in a way to last in any condition. It has a thermostat body with PUF insulated tank and it ensures long-lasting performance. It also has a 4-star rating which makes sure that it saves your energy and prevents huge electric bills.

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What Do We like

Safety System

Bajaj Majesty offers three safety system so that nothing goes wrong. It has a neon indicator for power on and heating functions and has a high resistant engineered body. It has a glass lining that protects the tank against calcium dispositions.


This product is cheap for its specifications and its amazing features. It saves up extra power and conserves energy which is a very good thing. the product can be used in both the kitchen and washrooms easily because of its small size and the vertical stands that have been produced.


It is very easy to use because of the very easy working technique and the three-way safety system which makes sure that nothing hazardous ever happens in the process. The PUF insulated tank and the Neon indicators make it very easy for the consumers to use the heater.

What We Don’t Like


It has been reported by many users that after a certain period of time that the heater fails to heat up 3L of water in a minute and that It often takes more than 10 minutes to heat up 10L of water. It also uses up a lot of energy in the process.

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It’s also reported that they had to buy the external tools and the stand that was supposed to be provided by the manufacturing company along with the money. Extra money had to be spent on buying the spare parts.



Bajaj Majesty 3-Litre 3KW Water Heater is a certified 5-star product and is reliable enough to use for kids. It has an economical price and features you almost everything you need for a warm shower. It can be suggested to your friends or family.

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Maheshwar Ray

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