Bajaj Flora Instant 1 LTR Vertical Water Heater Review

Bajaj’s main motto is “Enhancing quality of life and bringing happiness with sustainability.” It is a world-renowned and trusted brand. This ISI approved Bajaj Flora 1 liter water heater is the right product for a single person.

Bajaj provides an Elegant outer body that is truly fashionable and also corrosion-free. 8 Bar pressure is excellent for any kind of tall buildings, and the fire retardant cables are a bonus in this water heater. Apart from these all the essential features which a water heater should have is in this product.

Instant Heating

The Bajaj Flora comes with two variants, 3kw, and 4.5kw heating element. This one is the 3kw version. But still, this one will heat the water in no time. It hardly takes a full minute to heat up the water properly.

Neon Indicator

This water heater comes with Neon Indicators, which indicates the “Power On” and “Heating” part. They also notify you when the water is hot and ready to use. You’ll see the indicator turn green from red when it’s done.

Elegant Outer Shell

The design of this Bajaj water heater is absolutely amazing. The beautiful structure of this product is genuinely fashionable and has raised the bar high.

Plus, the outer body is made of Thermoplastic. So you don’t have to see it corrosion specks on the external shape of this. All of us want a good product, right?

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What Do We like

Fire Retardant Cable

This is one of the best features of this Bajaj water heater. They come with Fire retardant cable, so if a fire breaks out, these cables will help reduce the speed of the fire. It’ll take a lot more time to spread the fire. Safety is always something that Bajaj thinks of.

Pressure Bar

As we all know that Bajaj never compromises with their products. Likewise, this water heater is no exception, either. This 1-liter instant water heater has been rated 8 bar pressure, which is insanely good for high rise buildings. Water pressure won’t be a problem.

Inner Tank

The Stainless Steel inner tank of this water heater is amazing. It’s not only corrosion-resistant but also has dry heat protection so that your water heater lasts longer than usual.

Multiple Safety System

The Bajaj Flora comes with lots of safety features. One can never be too safe, right? It has the thermal cut out facility, which will cut the power in case it exceeds the extreme temperature of the water. The water pressure safety valve will release the pressure and discharge the water in case the pressure crosses it’s pre-set limit and also dry heat protection. All over, it’s a total package.


What We Don’t Like

Storage Capacity

It is highly recommended for kitchen use, cause you can’t bathe with only 1-liter hot water.



This Water heater is an absolute package. It’s got great features at this low-end budget. It also has two years of product warranty and five years of inner tank warranty.

It is not recommended for family purpose usage. Single person usage is recommended and also is pocket-friendly. It’s a deal you cannot say no to.

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Pranshi Agarwal

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