Orient Electric Aqua Spa Water Heater Review

Orient Electric is a well-known company, which offers a variety of versatile and high-quality products. It has a unique product line which includes air coolers, electric fans, mixers, grinders, water heaters and much more. Orient Electric Aqua Spa Water Heater comes with a beautifully designed shape. It has a 6-liter water storage tank, which fulfils the daily requirements of the users.

6-Liter Water Storage

The 6-liter water storage capacity of the tank helps to meet the daily requirements of the users.

Maximum Pressure

It has been designed to withstand a maximum pressure of 6.5 bars quite easily. This feature makes it a durable and a long-lasting product.

Durable SS Tank

This heater has a highly durable SS tank, which ensures long life. It is capable of resisting rust and corrosion.

Magnesium Anode Rod

The Magnesium anode rod used in this heater ensures better heating. It allows heater to work on the energy saving principle. It also ensures longevity of the heater and heating element.

Double Thermal Protection

The double thermal protection feature traps the dissipated energy during heating and utilizes it further. It makes the heater an energy saving device by consuming minimal power.

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What Do We like

Fast Heating

The fast heating mechanism of this heater offers a quick and speedy supply of hot water. The users don’t have to wait for hours to get the hot water. It can provide hot water within 2 minutes of turning it on.

Mountable Design

This heater has a mountable design, which allows users to mount it on the wall easily. Since the external tank of the heater is rust proof, it can be mounted easily inside bathroom with convenience.

Easy to Install

This water heater has a simple design, and it can be installed quite easily. It doesn’t have any complex shape or design which can bring hurdles in installation.

What We Don’t Like

It cannot be used in high-rise buildings at it does not meet the recommended pressure rating of 0.80 MPa.


Orient Electric Aqua Spa Water Heater comes with an elegant shape and a durable body. The inner tank of the heater has been designed to combat rust and corrosion. It also ensures longevity and facilitates quick heating process. The heating element of the heater is long lasting and efficient. The double thermal insulations ensures energy savings.

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