Gerber Lil Brainies Kids Gummy Multivitamin Review

Gerber is a renowned baby nutritional brand that has been at the forefront of providing the best nutritional products for growing babies with the highest quality ingredients. Through its solid research-backed innovations, it has been dedicatedly engaged in improving child nutrition. 

It has been actively engaged with Feeding Infants and Toddlers Study (FITS) for the past 17 years for developing a better understanding of young children’s diets and related behaviors. 

Lil’ Brainies Omega Tri-Blend & DHA Kids Multivitamin by Gerber is formulated for enriching the diet of little wonders with nutrients. 

It specifically targets those nutrients that kids are usually deprived of. This brand designs this unique formulation without any synthetic colors or artificial flavors.

We have tried these multi-vitamin gummies and observed that these gummies comprise effective and high-quality ingredients that boost brain development and improve memory in young kids. The regular consumption of these gummies may help to awakens the geniuses within young champs.

Gerber Lil Brainies Kids Gummy Multivitamin


Potent formulation of DHA, Omega 3-6-9, and Choline

The best part about these multi-vitamins gummies is that it comprises the potent formulation of DHA, Omega 3-6-9, and Choline.

Together this formulation works effectively in boosting brain development and improving memory in young kids.

The efficacy of these ingredients and found that the DHA is considered essential for stimulating neurological and visual development. That’s why DHA supplements are recommended by medical practitioners for improving brain function and vision in kids.

On similar lines, the Tri-blend of Omega 3-6-9 fatty acids are considered to play an important role in brain and nerve cell development among growing babies and children. Choline is an essential nutrient that is vital for healthy brain development.

Thus, we found that these gummies are packed with the power of superior brain nutrients that give your kids a jump start for developing remarkable intellectual capacity and assist them in fast-paced learning.

Excellent Source of Vitamins D, E, and Choline

Gerber Lil Brainies Kids Gummy Multivitamin Source ofVitamins

These gummies come with Vitamins D, E, and Choline. These are the nutrients that most of the children don’t receive in sufficient quantity from their regular diets.

These gummies are an ideal source of Vitamins D, E, and Choline.

Plant-based DHA

These gummies comprise plant-based DHA and hence it stands out as a vegan source of DHA. This makes the gummies ideally suitable for vegan individuals.

Omega 3-6-9 from Chia Seed Oil

These gummies source the tri-blend of Omega 3-6-9 fatty acids from Chia seed oil.

Hence the plant-based omega fatty acids are best suited for vegan individuals with any diet preference including vegan, vegetarian, etc.

Non-GMO and Allergen-Free Gummies

These gummies don’t contain peanut, dairy, or gelatin ingredients. These are gluten-free gummies and suitable for consumption by vegan individuals.

We checked the ingredients of these gummies and found them to be suitable for consumption for kids.

After consuming these gummies, we didn’t observe any adverse allergic reactions and found them to be well-tolerated.

No artificial flavors and synthetic colors

The unique formulation of these gummies is free of artificial flavors and synthetic colors. It uses only natural flavors. These gummies are easily liked by the kids.

We found the taste of these gummies to be delectable.


Gerber Lil Brainies Kids Gummy Multivitamin Ingredient

Nutritional Value

Gerber Lil Brainies Kids Gummy Multivitamin Nutritional Value


The recommended dosage of these multi-vitamins gummies is 2 gummies daily for kids in the age group of 2-3 years. For children of 4 years and above, the dosage is 3 gummies daily.

The kids are required to thoroughly chew one gummy at a time.

Best Suited for Whom

These gummies are best suited for those kids who are looking for brain development and develop their intellectual power. These gummies are ideally suited for kids who love to sharpen their memory skills. 

These gummies are especially recommended for those kids who don’t get sufficient Vitamin D, E, and Choline through their regular diets.


Awesome Brain Booster

These gummies work great for stimulating brain development in growing kids. They provide an ideal option for the parents to give high-quality multi-vitamin nutrients to their kids.

Sharpens Memory

These multi-vitamin gummies are packed with vital brain nutrients that serve to sharpen your kids’ memory.

Good taste

The kids whom we gave to try these gummies loved the taste and found them to be well-liked.

Complete Plant-based Gummies

These gummies indicate that they are prepared from completely natural plant-based sources. Hence, these are safe for consumption for kids.


No side-effects observed so far with these brain-boosting gummies.


These gummies are easy-to-consume and are suitable for vegan individuals. These gummies provide a wide range of health benefits for kids like boosting brain power, improving memory, etc. 

We recommend these gummies for all the young kids in the growing stages.