Sunflame Lotus Hob 3 Burner Gas Stove Review

Sunflame company manufactures high-quality and long-lasting kitchen products. It has a wide range of kitchen appliances, from gas stoves to electrical appliances as well. The performance of its products is outstanding. Sunflame Lotus Hob Stainless-Steel Gas Stove comes with 3 burners in it. These burners are specially designed to provide high-quality and uniform flame distribution. It has a sleek and elegant design as well.

Highly-Efficient Lotus Burners

The burners of this stove are made up of carbon steel and are imported from Italy. These are innovatively designed to provide energy-efficient and multi-flame control to its users. It consumes less fuel and provides a uniform cooking experience.

Sleek Design

The design of this stove is quite innovative and equipped with highly-durable material as well. It can withstand heavy loads of cooking pans quite easily because of the stainless-steel base and body.

Powder-Coated Pan Support

The movements of the pan during cooking is minimized with the help of these pans. Now there are no wobbling effects during cooking and the user can enjoy the stable cooking experience.

Auto-Ignition Knobs

There is no need to turn this stove on or off manually. Because it has been equipped with an auto-ignition system. It has ensured precision flame control, which can be triggered by a slight push of the hand.

Stainless-Steel Drip Trays

The drip trays of this stove are made up of stainless steel. It provides resistance against corrosion and it protects the burners as well. The spills can be easily cleaned by removing these trays from the stove since they are not fixed.

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What Do We like

Easy to Clean

This stove can be easily cleaned because of its simplistic and smooth design. The surface finishing of this stove is quite elegant which supports ease of cleaning as well.

Tempered Glass Surface

The top surface of this stove is made up of tempered glass. It has a thermal resistant and scratch-free surface. It also protects the body from getting damaged under heavy mechanical impacts or compressional forces.

Stainless-Steel Body

The body of this stove has been manufactured using stainless steel material. It offers more durability to the stove since stainless-steel is rust-resistant. The entire frame of the stove is capable of withstanding heavy loads of larger cooking pans quite easily.

What We Don’t Like

No cons observed so far.


Sunflame Lotus Hob Stainless-Steel Gas Stove is one of the best stoves in the market which provides longevity and fast cooking mechanism. It is fuel-efficient, and it has the most durable design as well.

The three burners of this stove are specially designed in a manner that the users can cook food on all three of them at the same time with the same cooking pace.

The quality of burners is its distinctive feature which outperforms it from the rest in the market.

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