Pigeon Favorite 3-Burner Line Cook Top Review

When it comes to manufacturing high-quality kitchen utensils, the pigeon is one of the famous companies in this regard. It offers a versatile range of kitchen products including, stoves, kettles, pans, and much more. Pigeon Favorite 3-Burner Line Cook Top Stove comes with three high-quality burners which are installed in a line to provide ease of cooking. This stove has a unique and innovative design. It has high thermal efficiency, which ensures fast cooking as well.

Toughened Glass

The top surface of the stove is made up of toughened glass. It can tolerate heavy compression force quite easily. It has been specifically designed to carry heavy weight cooking pans. This surface is scratch, corrosion, and heat resistant as well.

Durable Pan Supports

The pan supports of this stove are specially designed to provide more balance to the cooking pans. There is no wobbling effect in this stove during cooking, and it reduces the chances of spills on the stove.

User-friendly Knobs

The knobs of this stove are designed to provide easy grip and smooth control. The users can turn the stove on or off by a slight flick. It doesn’t require high pressure or strong push, which can shake the entire stove during cooking.

Durable Tubular Legs

The legs of this stove provide consistent and durable steadiness to the cooking pan. It offers a firm grip to the stove, and the users can cook food without disturbing the position of the stove.

High-Quality Burners

The burners of this stove are made up of high-quality brass. It is rust-proof and provides uniform heat to the cooking pans. The multi-directional and consistent control of flame increases the pace of cooking food.

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What Do We like

Screwless Spill Tray

The Spill tray of the stove is easily removable. It not only protects the burner from getting effects by the cooking spills but it can also be cleaned much easily

The 360-degrees revolving gas nozzle

The inlet gas nozzle of this stove can revolve at 360 degrees. It allows users to connect the gas pipe with the stove from any possible direction. Now, you don’t have to bend the pipe to connect it from a fixed nozzle.

ISI certification

The ISI certification of this stove elaborates its durability and strength. It explains that this cooktop meets the criteria of safety according to the established standards.

What We Don’t Like

No Auto-Ignition feature is installed in it.


Pigeon Favorite 3-Burner Line Cook Top Stove has a lot of unique features. It can be used by any domestic and commercial kitchens. Since it is quite easy to install and operate, any new user can easily enjoy cooking on this stove.

It requires minimal cleaning because of its unique design. The burners of this stove are specially designed to provide less gas-consuming and fast cooking experience as well.

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