Lifelong LLGS18 3-Burners Gas Stove Review

The lifelong company produces a lot of high-quality products especially kitchen appliances. The longevity of its products is much better than a lot of other companies in the market.

The design and features of its products are always unique. Lifelong 3-Burners Gas stove is mainly designed for improved cooking efficiency. It has quite a sleek look. The material used in this stove is highly durable and long-lasting as well.

Break Resistant Glass Top

The glass top of this stove is break-resistant. It can withstand heavy mechanical impacts quite easily. it is also scratch proof. This toughened glass surface can withstand very high temperatures quite easily.

Efficient Burners

The burners of this stove are highly efficient in terms of fuel consumption. They provide an even distribution of flame which helps to spur up the cooking speed. They are made up of high-quality brass and that is why they are corrosion resistant as well.

Anti-Skid Feet

The feet or leg supports of this stove are ergonomically designed. The bottom of these supports can easily stick to the slab avoiding any slipping or sliding effects.

Rotating Gas Inlet

The gas inlet pipe rotates at 360 degrees to provide users the ease of connectivity. They don’t have to bend the gas pipe in order to connect it with the stove.

Thick Pan Support

The pan supports of this stove are relatively thick and durable. They provide a firm grip to the cooking pans and avoid any accidental drop off during cooking.

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What Do We like

Ergonomic Knobs Design

The knobs of this stove are designed to provide a firm grip to the hands. These knobs can be operated quite easily without applying extra force to them.

Stainless-Steel Body

The body of this stove is made up of stainless steel. It is a corrosion-resistant material which ensures the longevity of the stove.

Easy to Clean

The cleaning and maintenance of this stove are much easier because there is no complex or curvature design in the stove.

What We Don’t Like

No Auto-Ignition system installed.


Lifelong 3-Burners Gas stove is the best addition for the kitchen with heavy cooking loads. It offers a series of distinguished and versatile features. The users can easily cook food on all 3 of the burners at a time with the same efficiency.

There is no hurdle in using large-sized pans because the top surface is spacious enough to provide comfort in coking. The burners of the stove are its main strength which provides uniformity and consistency in cooking.

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