Inalsa Excel Cook Induction Cooktop Review

Inalsa is a company that manufactures high- quality and long-lasting kitchen appliances. it has a variety of electrical machines which are elegantly designed. The performance of its products is amazing.

Inalsa Excel Cook Induction Cooktop is a classic edition of advanced features and durability. It is a 1600-watt cooktop that is quite handy in size and it can facilitate any sort of cooking process quite easily.

Elegant and Minimalist Design

This stove has been designed in a very compact shape. It can be adjusted to a very small space as well. It has a sleek look with unique and innovative features.

4-Digit Digital Display

This stove has a 4-digit digital display. It offers ease of control and operation. The users can monitor the controls and the temperatures on the display which helps them to conveniently use the stove.

Innovative Touch Control

The touch control feature of this stove is much easier to operate. There are no complex buttons or pre-installed settings in this stove. The control buttons, cooking modes, and temperature buttons are quite easy to handle.

Overheat Protection

This stove is safe to use. It can prevent the overheating quite easily. When the required temperature is obtained, the timer control feature turns the stove off to avoid overheating.

Automatic Pan Detection

This stove can easily detect by itself. When a cooking pan is placed on its top, it starts working on its pre-defined pan-mode settings. It brings convenience to cooking.

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What Do We like

Variable Controls

The controls of this stove offer a variety of operations. The users can change the cooking temperatures, power and cooking time by themselves at any time.

8 Cooking Modes Selector

It has predefined settings for 8 different categories of cooking. The users don’t have to input conditions each and every time. You can just operate it by predefined settings as well.

Easy to Clean

Due to its minimalistic design, it can be cleaned quite easily. It requires no extraordinary efforts for cleaning or maintenance.

What We Don’t Like

No cons observed so far.


Inalsa Excel Cook Induction Cooktop offers a variety of distinctive features in a very minimalistic design. It has a variety of control options. The users can cook food by manually inserting their desired conditions or by simply using the predefined ones. It is a long-lasting product and the top surface of the stove is tough enough to withstand heavy loads of the cooking pans.

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