Inalsa Craze Dx Food Processor Review

If you are looking for a food processor that has it all, then Inalsa Craze could be the best fit for your chores. It has excellent power consumption and can accomplish most of the tasks in your kitchen. On its initial operation, you might realize a burning smell from the unit, but that shouldn’t be anything to worry about.

Like most new motors, the one installed in Inalsa Craze tends to smell since it is getting heated for the first time. Other than that, this food processor is one of the best in the market. In this article, we will see why that is so.

Power Supply and Consumption

Inalsa Craze Dx food processor needs a power supply of about 240 volts. Its power consumption is somewhat higher than most food processors. At its optimum operation, this appliance can consume about 700 watts per hour. That, however, means Inalsa Craze can accomplish some of the toughest processing tasks.


Inalsa Crave Dx comes with a whole lot of amazing accessories that can be used for various operations in the kitchen. Some of the inclusions are centrifugal juicer, atta kneader, four segmented cutters, and an egg whisker. Therefore, you will not need to buy accessories separately since your new Inalsa Craze will have that part sorted.

Maximum Operation Time

Inalsa Craze can be used for up to 30 minutes continuously. In such an operational period, there are so many things that you can accomplish with your Inalsa Craze. The time limit was set to prevent the overheating of electric components, which could eventually burn them out.

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What Do We like

Impressive Power Usage

This food processor has a high power-rating if you compare it with some of its kind in the market. The best thing is that its output is proportional to the input value.


Inalsa Craze uses one of the best motor models compared to other food processors. As such, it can drive the blades through some of the toughest food materials.

Useful Accessories

Once you have bought Inalsa Craze, you will not need to shop for other tools since they are included in the package. All of the accessories that come with the processor are useful and relevant to your tasks in one way or another.

What We Don’t Like

Poor Quality Plastic 

The food processor is designed from a set of poor quality plastic materials. As such, there is a very high chance that it might break after a few weeks if you are not careful.


Inalsa Craze Dx food processor ranks among the cheapest food processors you could buy from your favorite store. Considering its cost, the product surpasses the expectations of many with its impressive output. If you are hunting for a food processor with the best motor, Inalsa Craze is one of your best options. The only disadvantage that we have noticed with it is that it is designed from cheap plastic quality. Therefore, if you are too aggressive with your appliances, then this might not be an ideal pick.

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