Fitkit FTK065 Review

Fitkit is a leading fitness brand that deals with the manufacture of products, dedicated to your overall health and well-being. Here we provide a detailed review of the Fitkit FTK065 Treadmill that is an affordable option for home use.

The world today is running after looking beautiful and does only beautiful dresses are enough to enhance your looks? No. To look good, you need to have a healthy body that is in shape with regular exercise and good food. Well even when we manage to have food on time, most of us tend to miss exercising regularly.

What is the main reason behind it? Since for exercise, we all need to move out to run or jog or maybe to go to the gym; most tend to skip it. We feel extremely lazy when it comes to going out for exercising or running, and as a result, we skip our routine. This, as a result, can affect your health and the way you look. The only way to get rid of going out but exercise daily is by buying a treadmill of your choice that can suffice your requirements.

Well, the market has a whole long list of products that you can choose, but you again need to be sure that the choice you are making is good enough for you. The new Fitkit FTK065 can be a great inclusion in your health routine as it has been packed with some of the advantageous and efficient features. Also, keeping the price fully in the budget, this treadmill tends to become a great choice for home use.

When you have this treadmill at your home, you can never find an excuse to skip your daily exercise and therefore stay healthy and in shape. As we all know, when we look good, it injects self-confidence in us and to maintain better health, make sure you purchase this treadmill.

Features make a treadmill, and this new Fitkit FT065 has been included with some of the most efficient features to provide a great result from your workout. Now let us have a closer look at the specifications of this treadmill.

Product Specification

Features are the first thing observed by the buyers, and undoubtedly this treadmill comes with some of the great features. Undoubtedly the treadmill is sturdy and durable, but then again, you need to check the features beforehand to get complete value for your money. Let us have a look at the features.

1.75HP Motor:

This treadmill has been equipped with a powerful motor of 1.75HP which can run up to a peak of 2HP. This is the reason why the new Fitkit FT065 can accommodate different types of users. Starting from beginners to pros, from runners to walkers, this treadmill has the capability to serve the diverse needs of people.

12 Preset Programs:

To make the treadmill have the capability to challenge users, it has been designed with the preset programs. With the 12 different predefined workout programs in the treadmill, this machine gives your body a new challenge every time. It also has changeable modes, and the exercise can be customized as per your needs. Therefore if you think that your body requires something beyond what the treadmill has, then you can customize your needs and exercise accordingly.


This treadmill has been designed keeping in mind the space limitation of the people who live in small apartments. This is the reason why this treadmill has been designed with wheels which make t highly portable. Hence once you are done exercising, you can just store it somewhere else or in some corner to free up your living space.

90kgs of Max User Weight:

This machine can carry a weight of 90kgs, which makes it a great inclusion for your home. Even when it has a great user weight, it is recommended by the manufacturer to keep 20kgs as a buffer while running. As we tend to put more pressure while running on top speeds, it might become hectic if you are 90kgs itself. This is the reason why the manufacturer suggests the user weight should be 65-70 even when 90kgs is the max limit to ensure its longevity.

0.8 to 14km/h Speed Range:

As mentioned earlier, this treadmill has been designed in a way that it becomes great for both walkers and runners. Keeping the speed range from 0 to 14km/h, this treadmill can become a great choice for runners and joggers.

41 x 14.1 Inches of Running Surface:

To make the treadmill apt for all users, there is always a necessity to keep a longer and wider running surface. Shorter people can easily accommodate on an average running surface, but since taller people have longer strides, there is always a necessity for a longer and wider surface. With 41 x 14 inches of the running surface, you can stay assured that even the taller people will easily fit and run comfortably.

90 Degrees Foldable:

The treadmill is great for small apartments as this machine can be completely folded into 90 degrees. This reduces the storage space while keeps your treadmill in proper condition. Moreover, with the wheels present, you can easily transport it and store it in some corner.

Cushion Effect for Shock Absorption:

While running since our strides are longer and tend to put more pressure on our joints, there is a high chance of joint damage. Even when you wear soft shoes, it sometimes does not help. With the multi-layered running mat, you can stay assured that this treadmill can absorb the impact much easily. It will protect your knees, absorb the vibration making it silent and make sure of no slipping or tripping.

Let us have a look at the features in brief

Motor1.75Hp and 2.0Hp (Peak)
WarrantyThree years for frame, one year on parts and manufacturing defects
DisplayLCD showing calories, speed, time, preset programs, modes, heart rate, and GFIT app
LubricationSemi-Automatic Lubrication
PortableYes with the wheels for transportation
Preset Function12 predefined functions, changeable mode, and customizable options
Max User Weight90kgs
Speed0.8 – 14km/h
Running Surface41 x 14.7 Inches
FoldableYes it can be folded 90 degrees for easy storage
Shock AbsorptionCushioning to keep your joints healthy
Pulse MonitorYes
ConnectivityYes with the GFIT app to control the treadmill
Body FrameSteel built

What Do We like

  • Easy Handling: This treadmill has been provided with some of the amazing features, and also it can be handled easily. It does not need you to be tech-savvy and which is why it fits for people of all ages. All the information provided in the treadmill is enough to make you understand what you need to do and what not.
  • Easy Installation: Since most of the treadmill comes pre-assembled, this treadmill hardly requires assembling. The minimal assembling that needs to be done once the material has arrived can be easily performed by you with the demo provided. You don’t have to call any experts for it.
  • Superb Built Quality: Its robust built to ensure that even when you start running at the top speed, this treadmill will be able to take it due to its quality built. We were simply amazed to find such a great quality of material used for the built and which is why it becomes a worthy choice.
  • Minimal to No Noise: Once we started running, we were sure that the treadmill would not make any noise at the low speed, but once we went up to high speed, we still couldn’t hear any noise. It sometimes, especially while starting the motor can make a bit, but it’s tolerable and will not bother you while exercising. It’s noise-free.
  • Can be controlled with the GFIT app:  The best thing about this treadmill is that this treadmill can be easily controlled with the GFIT app. All you need is to pair using the Bluetooth, and then you can start and stop using the app. Moreover, this app keeps a recording of the workout details and therefore becomes a great choice for people. In a way, it inspires you to go for more.

What We Don’t Like

  • No USB: Well, we liked everything about this treadmill as the treadmill has been provided with all the necessary features, but we expected a USB connection to be there in the machine. As we all need music while we exercise, USB connectivity would have been a great inclusion.

Final Verdict:

The new Fitkit FT has been equipped with great features and its quality built is worth the price. Keeping the price reasonable, this treadmill can become the final choice for most people. Moreover, having some of the great features like foldable, portable, this treadmill can make its space in everyone’s house. With a great motor that does not make any noise along with a great speed range, this treadmill can provide optimum results for the regular trainees.  

So just make sure you purchase this treadmill available at a price range of below INR 20000, now you can easily afford it.


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