Fitkit FT200 Series Motorized Treadmill Review

Here we have provided a detailed review of the advanced Fitkit FT200 Series Motorized Treadmill, which is available within INR 40,000. Hence, it is an affordable motorized treadmill with a motor of 2.25 HP.

The new Fitkit FT200 series has been a new requirement of the people. With some of the great features integrated into this machine, this new treadmill is becoming the only thing able to satisfy the variable needs of people.

This is a high-end treadmill available in the market at a low budget just to help people maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle.

With the quality frame, amazing blue-colored LED, and speakers that are loud enough, this treadmill has integrated almost all the high-end multimedia features in it.

Focusing on its power, the motor of this treadmill has 2.25HP which can go higher during the peak time to 4.5HP. This is a treadmill that has the power to satisfy the needs of any type of users, from beginners to pro runners.

No more you need to limit your needs because of the budget as this advanced motorized treadmill is available within INR 40000 and hence becomes affordable for the users.

Since most of the high-end machines with such features are available with a huge price tag of INR 80000, this is a blessing for the people. So whatever you need can be easily satisfied by this advanced Fitkit FT200 treadmill.

Here are some of the features that one can avail from this Fitkit FT200 Series Treadmill.

Great Features of Fitkit FT200 Series Treadmill

With many high-end features integrated into the treadmill, this machine can easily satisfy the variable need. Whether you have just started working out and don’t know what is better or you are a pro, the FT200S treadmill can offer great results to everyone. The features are meant to fulfill the many needs and requirements.

  • LCD Display: With a good LCD, one can easily find various internal features. You can easily have a look at the calories burnt, time, speed covered, the preset programs, the workout mode, the heart rate, and much more. This will give you an idea along with the motivation to go for more.
  • Warranty: Being manufactured with the highest quality materials, the treadmills come with 3years of frame warranty, one year on parts, and one year of motor warranty. It is always recommended to make use of a suitable stabilizer with it.
  • Transportation: The treadmills come with wheels for transportation. It also comes with auto inclination, auto lubrication along with easy installation — moreover, the cooling fan, twister, sit-up bars, massager, twister, and dumbbells. With these features, it becomes excellent to carry an intense workout regime.
  • Preset programs: This treadmill has 12 preset programs that ensure intense workout. You will also find many changeable modes that help in customizing the exercise routines. With so many programs and freedom to change the modes it becomes easy for users to do any exercise.
  • Maximum weight: This can be an excellent choice for people with huge family members with a variable weight range. This treadmill has 110kg and can take 20kgs more than the current weight. Since while running the pressure increases, getting this treadmill with the ability to carry more 20kgs tends to be a great choice.
  • Speed: With a variable speed range of 1 – 16 km/h, the treadmill becomes great for the pro runners. The heart rate present on the handlebars ensures keeping an eye on the heart rate.
  • Deck Surface: 48 x 16.53 inches of the running surface ensures comfortable running. Since while running the strides increases, there is always a need for a larger running surface. With this deck surface area, you can run comfortably without the fear of falling.

Let us have a look at the features in brief:

Categories    Features
Warranty    3years for the frame, 1year for motor and parts
Display    LCD showing heart rate, calories burnt, preset programs, time and speed
Advanced features:     MP3 speakers, Cable with AUX port
Portable    Yes. Integrated with wheels
Auto Lubrication    Yes
Auto Inclination    Yes
Incline Degree    0% – 15%
Foldable    Yes
Other Exercise Facilities    Yes with twister, dumbbells and sit-up bars
Preset programs    12 with changeable modes
Motor    2.25HP and 4.5HP (Peak)
Maximum User Weight    110kgs
Speed Range    1 – 16 km/h
Heart Rate Sensors    Yes on handlebars
Running Area    48 x 16.53 inches

What Do We like

We like the advanced features – Some of the fantastic high-end features included in this treadmill are Aux port that gives you the freedom to connect with any device, cable for connection along with inbuilt MP3 speakers. This means you can work out while listening to the music.

  • Budget Friendly: The treadmill is available within 35000 – 40000 and hence can easily fit the budget of people. If you are a pro runner, this entire set is ideal for an intense workout session.
  • Great Build Up Quality: We love the sturdy look and feel of this treadmill. It is tough enough to take the different workout sessions of people and yet feel comfortable throughout.
  • Impressive shock absorption: As we know that, this treadmill is built for everyone whether you are a beginner or a pro runner. The treadmill justified the point. Even while intense running at high-speed, the treadmill could easily absorb the shock.
  • Great Addition: Not every treadmill comes with some great additions, but this one does. You can get benefitted from a massager and dumbbells with this treadmill. Hence you can quickly change your workout type and make your body learn different other exercises.  
  • Apt size of running belt: The size of the running surface is exceptionally amazing. It is great for even pro runners. The length and width are appropriate for the users.
  • Value for money: It is a great machine to buy for family use at this price point whether it is about the features included in it or the service offered by the company everything is fair enough. You can stay assured about getting a product that is worth the investment.

What Don’t We Like

  • Speaker is not up to the mark: As mentioned we expected great speakers at this price range, but unfortunately, while we turned the speakers on, the quality was not satisfactory. Something better is expected at this price point.


The Fitkit FT200 is a worthy product for home users. You can either choose to work or run like a pro. With so many likable features and great built quality, we feel the product is great for users who want a quality build treadmill for their family.

Starting from its advanced features to the speed range to the size of the deck to the shock absorption, everything is impressive about the treadmill. We will highly recommend this treadmill to the users who are looking for an advanced treadmill within a budget of 40000.

So just buy it today and live a healthy life.   


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