Fitkit FT063 Treadmill Review

When the world is running after being fit and looking healthy most of the times, you cannot just ignore it. To stay in the league, you also need to make efforts and exercise daily to stay in shape. You know as the clichéd world is always busy in body shaming, you just cannot be a part of it. It is not only frustrating but in reality, it is not healthy. Therefore, you need to make sure that you run every day.

While most of the days you stay busy and you skip your daily exercise, you are deteriorating your health. Undoubtedly going out every day for running might sound a lot easy but is not and which is why you need to look for a treadmill that will help you to run and stay healthy right by staying at your home.

The market is full with a range of choices that will never end, but the new Fitkit FT063 is from the collection of Fitkit have been integrated with some of the advantageous features. Designing it in a manner that it fits perfectly fine with the people who are looking for pro fitness equipment; this machine can serve the different needs of the users. With a strong 2.0HP motor which can run at the peak of 3.0HP, this treadmill can easily meet the needs of various users.  Whether you are a pro trainee or a beginner, the treadmill can easily accommodate different types of users. You can run, you can walk, and you can opt for any exercise you want.

With the range of features available in this treadmill, this machine ensures offering a fulfilling result and accomplishing your fitness goals. You can connect it with fitkit android or ios app and track your daily workout routine. Now, isn’t that cool?  Knowing the features is the foremost thing that you require doing.

Product Features

With an amazing combination of functionality and good looks, this multifunctional treadmill ensures sufficing your fitness goals. Moreover, its features that are integrated into this machine decide its performance. Here are some of the most common features of this new Fitkit FT063 treadmill.

Great LCD Screen:

As these days treadmills are not only for running but also one can easily keep a track on the other internal activities. With a good LCD equipped in this machine, users can now have a look at everything they are doing as the treadmill keeps a track and the display reveals it. You can check the time, distance, speed, heart rate, and calories burnt on this display. Hence, once you get complete knowledge about everything, you can work out accordingly.

Auto Lubrication:

To make sure that the treadmill keeps working flawlessly, maintenance is the first thing that needs to be done. Therefore, lubrication should always be the first thing to do in order to be the belt moving and rollers functioning.

But as people don’t even mind that much time for them, this treadmill has been integrated with an auto lubrication system. The treadmill itself can maintain just by a click of a button.

Transportation Wheels:

Since this treadmill is designed for home use, manufacturers installed the wheels. This means you can open the treadmill anywhere.

Practice your daily routine, and when in times you need more space, you can also move it from one place to another due to the presence of the wheels.

Auto Inclination:

This treadmill becomes a great inclusion for the people who are extremely concerned about their health. This is the reason why the new Fitkit FT063 comes with auto inclination.

This means the incline level changes automatically when your body gets accustomed to a level.

MP3 Speakers:

To make exercise even more fun and better, this treadmill is provided with MP3 speakers. Being equipped by an MP3 speaker, this treadmill will help you to listen to music and exercise at the same time.

12 Preset Programs:

The new Fitkit FT063 is made for everyone and which is why the machine has 12 preset programs installed in it. This includes weight loss training, speed training, endurance training and much more. Availability of such a feature in a treadmill ensures a great workout session and accomplishes your fitness goals much easier.

2.0HP Motor:

The new Fitkit FT063 treadmill has a great motor equipped inside it. With a powerful 2.0HP motor that can go up to a peak of 3.0HP, you can stay assured that your treadmill can easily perform even the intense exercise seamlessly. High quality and a long-lasting motor are what decide the performance of any motorized treadmill.

120kgs of Max User Weight:

Treadmills are important these days as this machine has an immense capability to perform your daily exercises. Making it an excellent choice for your family, this treadmill has been equipped with a motor that can take 120kgs of weight. But make sure that you keep 20kgs when you want to run at a higher speed.

1 – 14km/h speed:

The new Fitkit FT063 has probably everything that users can look for especially the speed range. Since the treadmill is solely for running, speed is a necessary aspect. Fortunately, this treadmill has a huge speed variation from 1 to 14km/h. Hence, you can run at your desired speed and accomplish your results faster than usual.

Heart Rate Sensors on Handrails:

Keeping an eye on the heart rate is crucial as it ensures that your internal activities are working just fine. This is the reason why the treadmill has been designed with a heart rate sensor on the handrails. This shows you whether your heart health is good or not.

48 x 16.5 inches Running Surface:

Keeping in mind regarding the need for a wider and lengthy running surface for the users, the treadmill has been designed with a running surface of 48 x 16.5 inches. This again means even if you are taller or bulky, the running surface is spacious enough to ensure you will not fall off the belt.

Easy folding with the Hydraulic drop system:

Not everyone has a dedicated room for exercising and most people have limited space. This means if you buy a treadmill that cannot be shifted or folded, it will eat up space. As limited space is a great limitation for the users, the treadmill has been designed in a way that it can be easily folded. With the presence of Hydraulic drop system, anyone can now access the treadmill and fold it.

Let us have a look at the features in brief:

Display ConsoleSpeed, time, calories, heart rate, preset programs, mode
Running surface48 x 16.5 inches
Speed1 to 14km/h
Max User Weight120kgs
Motor2.0 Hp and 3.0HP (Peak)
Preset Programs12 programs with changeable modes
WarrantyThree years on motor, one year for manufacturing defects and parts
TransportationYes with wheels
InclineYes, auto inclination
Additional ElementsSitups, Dumbells, Massager
InstallationEasy Installation
FoldableYes with hydraulic drop down system
CushioningMulti-layered mat to absorb the vibration
Pulse Rate SensorsYes, on handrails

What Do We Like

  • Enough running space: This treadmill has been designed with ample running space. Since it is required by the users as they need security, running surface need to be spacious. We were amazed to find such an amazing running surface with ample space to place your feet.
  • Sturdy built: This treadmill has a strong frame which gives it the ability to take different weights. Even when you go for higher incline levels or higher speed, this treadmill has the strength to take it and not wobble even a little bit.
  • Easy folding: We thought being a high-end treadmill with huge ability to take the weight, it will become tougher for people to fold. We tried it on our own and to our surprise, we could easily fold the machine.
  • Appreciable cushioned base: The Fitkit FT063 has been designed in a way that it becomes great for the people. Its cushioned base was one of the most amazing aspects about this machine as even when we tried running on the top speed, the cushioned bases aided in not hitting hard on the joints.  
  • Useful auto inclination: The Fitkit FT063 comes with massive auto incline features and which is great for people who love taking new challenges. With the auto incline features integrated, we truly found it great to exercise. As the treadmill tends to change its modes on its own, no longer you need to seek a trainer.
  • Do not make much noise: This treadmill comes with a great shock absorption spring that reduces the noise to a huge extent. This is the reason why even when we were exercising on top speed, the treadmill did not make any noise. We were simply amazed by watching that technology used in this treadmill.
  • Extremely powerful: Not only the treadmill has a sturdy built, but also it is extremely very powerful to take even the intense exercises at the top speed and variable incline degrees. Being immensely powerful, this machine can easily take up the challenges.
  • Worth the price: The treadmill is an absolute yes for people who are looking forward to living a healthy and fit life. Available within INR 35000, this treadmill can get you into a proper shape and healthy lifestyle.

What We Don’t Like

  • We are just not exaggerating about the machine, but we genuinely couldn’t find a single drawback. Whatever the treadmill has provided with each and everything has a top-notch quality.


As we have said earlier that the Fitkit FT063 has been provided with some of the amazing high-end specifications, the machine also comes with an affordable price tag. Being designed with a great frame and powerful shock absorption mechanism, not only this treadmill provides you with the energy to go for upper-level exercises but also keeps up your joint health.

So just make sure that you purchase this treadmill if you are looking for a strong fitness machine for home use.


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