Fash x Gel Face Wash Review

Established in 2005, Curatio continually innovates to solve the problems faced by dermatologists, cosmetologists, and pediatricians on a day to day basis. The company has a team of dedicated professionals that are dedicated to extensive market research for manufacturing various skincare products.

The fash x gel by Curatio is a deep cleansing face wash with a medicated formulation that helps remove acne. It is a mild face wash that is very effective on acne and is specially curated for sensitive, dry, and acne prone skin.

How to use

  1. Wet face with water and take a sufficient amount of fash x gel face wash on your palms.
  2. Work onto the lather and gently massage in a circular direction for a minute.
  3. Rinse off

Maintains skin ecosystem

The skin friendly pH of 5.5 and unique ingredients make fash x gel very mild on the skin.

Prevents acne

The face wash is very effective on acne as it stops the acne causing bacteria.

Removes impurities

The face wash removes dead skin cells, excess oil and dirt thus giving you clear complexion


Apart from fighting acne, the face wash gives you moisturized skin by not leaving the skin dry and helps maintain youthful, clean, and radiant skin.

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What Do We like


It can be used by both men and women and is suitable for dry and acne prone skin.


The facewash comes in a travel friendly flip lid tube that is leak-proof.

Fresh and hydrated skin

It keeps skin fresh, hydrated, and healthy.

Mild fragrance

It has a mild scent that is not very overpowering.

What We Don’t Like


The face wash is very costly, considering the quantity.


The Curatio fash x gel is an all-purpose face wash that treats acne by stopping bacteria and also gives fresh and radiant skin. With a mild fragrance, this face wash is an excellent product for people who do not like fragrant face washes. It comes in a leak-proof tube, which makes it easy to carry. However, it is a bit pricey for a budget friendly buyer.

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