Welcare Orbit Upright Bike WC8033 Review

If you are looking for fitness equipment that can provide you with an effective and full-body workout, try the Orbit Bike WC8033 from Welcare. This fitness machine which is usually found in gyms is designed to mimic the movements when you’re walking, running, or even climbing stairs which makes it an effective and efficient workout equipment.

This fitness machine is proven to be a great start to burn unwanted fats and lower the risk of injury by protecting your joints. Unlike other fitness machines, the Orbit Bike WC8033 offers you a low-impact workout. Since it lessens the amount of impact on your workout, it is a great alternative for those who are suffering from lower back pain or joint pains, particularly in the hips and knees. If you are sensitive to these, then you should consider having this on your equipment wish list!

LCD Display

This orbit bike is integrated with a large LCD window to keep you on track with your fitness statistics. Through this feature, you will be able to monitor your results and check on what still needs to be improved. This LCD indicates the pulse rate, calories, speed, distance, ODO and time.

Every fitness enthusiast would love to know how they are doing, hence, this feature. You can only be satisfied in your workout if you can directly see your results. It also displays the 6 programs for you to choose from.

Resistance Level

This orbit bike from Welcare has 8 levels magnetic resistance which can be easily adjusted per user’s preference. By customizing your workout sessions, you are guaranteed to achieve greater results.

The desired momentum can be attained by personalizing your workout sessions, which is done by easily increasing or decreasing the level of magnetic resistance of your bike. Welcare Orbit Bike WC8033 promises you effortless total workout experience.

Fantastic Design

This orbit bike has an adjustable seat to accommodate various user’s height. The extra-wide pedals with straps enable you to increase your stability because it keeps your feet secure. It also comes with hand pulse pad which is conveniently placed on the handrails to easily keep track of the heart rate.

This bike is specifically designed for you to easily mimic movements such as walking, running, or even stair climbing. This is truly an all-around fitness machine!

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What Do We like

Total Body Workout

Because the orbit bike is designed to mimic daily movements such as walking, running and climbing stairs, you are sure to have that whole-body workout. You get to exercise your arms as you move your feet on the pedals, thus, working out your entire upper body which includes the chest and shoulders.

Then, as you move your feet with the pedals, you can also get a workout for your lower body. This bike can also be personalized to workout with your core, it all depends on your preference.

What We Don’t Like

Limited User Weight

One downside of this bike is that it can only carry a maximum weight of 80 kg. Therefore, it limits the users that can use this fitness equipment. 


If you are looking for equipment that could help you work out at home rather than going to the gym, this could be a perfect fit for you. This orbit bike WC8033 from Welcare is affordable, has a compact design compared to other fitness machines and above all, can provide you with a low impact but whole-body workout experience. If you’re ready to get on that challenge, then get yourself a Welcare Orbit Bike WC8033 to help you!

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