Welcare Commercial Recumbent Bike WC880RB Review

Are you up for an effective way to shed those unwanted fats, burn excess calories but increase cardiovascular endurance without compromising the quality of workout?  Welcare introduces a top-quality fitness machine, the Welcare Commercial Recumbent Bike WC880RB might be the answer to your question! 

This recumbent bike from Welcare not only helps you increase your body’s cardio activities but also offers you a low impact workout for you to achieve that exceptional workout performance. This bike will surely bring your fitness goals to a whole new level of high-quality workout like any other.


LCD Display

You can now easily keep track of your fitness progress with the integrated LCD display from this bike. This clearly displays certain areas of workout such as speed, time, distance traveled, calories burned, pulse, recovery plus it has 12 pre-set programs that you can choose from.

This is a very good tool especially for those who want to keep an eye on their fitness statistics. Working out is not all about decreasing excess calories and getting rid of unwanted fats, but also seeing to it you achieve desired results.

Resistance Level

The Recumbent Bike WC880RB from Welcare offers you 32 level magnetic (self-generated system) that can be easily adjusted to your desired momentum to achieve greater results. Customizing your workout session is made easy because of the tension controls available. The levels of resistance are adjustable based on your personal preference to give you an effortless workout. 

Commendable Design

The recumbent bike WC880RB from Welcare offers you top-quality performance. This is designed to accommodate various users. Aside from the features mentioned, this bike also has an adjustable seat which is wide enough to support your lower back plus the cushioned back support to prevent you from suffering lower back pain and saddle soreness.

Your feet are in a forward position to allow your hips and knees to relax. This bike has iPad holder, water bottle holder and a moving wheel for maneuverability. 

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What Do We like

Reclined Sitting Position

The reclined seating position of the seat is a great deal especially for those who want to have a more relaxed and comfortable ride while working out. This recumbent bike makes your workout session easier and more convenient because unlike other indoor bikes, this bike provides you a low-impact workout.

The wider seat allows you to position your hips in a steadier position for even distribution of your weight. The cushioned back support is a plus.

What We Don’t Like

Not Easy to Store

The bike is designed to be bulky, thus, it might take up too much of the space in y our house or office. 


The Welcare Commercial Recumbent Bike WC880RB is designed to be suitable for users of different levels of experiences in terms of workout. You could be a beginner trying to figure out the best routine that works for you or you could be a professional biker training to improve in your field, or you could also be someone who just want to do exercise as a form of leisure and staying fit is your objective. Choosing the right equipment that will work for you might be a bit challenging, especially if you are a newbie. 

However, the best way to determine if a fitness machine is suitable for you is that it works the way how you want it to serve you As long as you do your work out with consistency, you can still achieve great results. This bike can help you with that.


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