Welcare Commercial Recumbent Bike IR500 RB Review

Gyming is something that requires to go outdoor, but there are times where you can not leave the house. In such situation, excercise bikes come in handy .Check out the Commercial Recumbent Bike IR500 RB from Welcare – a recumbent bike suited for users of different ages. This bike offers you a high-quality workout needed to achieve your desired fitness results.

This recumbent bike promises you an improvement in your cardio activities while strengthening your lower body and boosting your stamina and resistance. The low impact of workout it provides increases your strength. Truly this IR500 RB recumbent bike from Welcare is a one-of-a-kind fitness machine available in the market today!


LCD Display

Working out is not all about burning all those fats but it is also about seeing results. With the integrated LCD display from this bike, you can now easily track your improvements on your fitness progress. This recumbent bike indicates certain areas like the pulse rate, calories, speed, distance, ODO and time. A very important feature for those who are very conscious of their results. 

Resistance Level

This recumbent bike from Welcare has 8 levels magnetic resistance that can be easily adjusted to your desired momentum to achieve greater results. You can now customize your workout session by increasing or decreasing the level of magnetic resistance, depending on your preference. The easy-to-adjust levels of resistance make your workout sessions effortless.


This bike offers you a great deal because of its designs and the high-quality performance. Because your feet are in a forward position, it allows your lower back and hips to be more relaxed. It has a seat that can be adjusted fore and aft and can carry a maximum user weight of 150 kg.

The seat is designed to ensure you are comfortable enough while working out. This machine also has a handlebar heart rate monitoring, a USB power charger for phone and tablet charging. It has 12 pre-set training programs for you to choose from. 

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What Do We like

Comfortable Sitting Position

One of the pros of recumbent bikes is the larger and wider seat. Because of this, your weight will be evenly distributed, therefore, giving you more comfort while riding. The comfortable sitting position is because of the reclined position of the seat. This prevents you from having lower back pain and saddle soreness.

In addition to this is the cushioned back support for you to have something to learn when your workout becomes a bit tiring. Your hips are ensured to be more relaxed because the pedals are positioned in front. 

What We Don’t Like

Bulky and not space-efficient

Unlike many other bikes, this bike is not foldable, thus, making it difficult for you to store it.


Choosing Welcare Commercial Recumbent Bike IR500 RB as your fitness equipment gives you a lot of benefits. It gives you a good cardio activity. It offers a low-impact workout. If you choose to have recumbent bikes, you will not worry about suffering from lower back pain because it provides exceptional comfort throughout the exercise.

Whatever is your chosen indoor bike, the ultimate objective stays the same. That is to stay fit and healthy. As long as you are consistent in your fitness routine, everything goes well.


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