Lifeline Exercise Air Bike Review

Are you looking for a high-quality fitness machine that will help you lose weight, and which is a good option for home use? Then you might want to consider this exercise air bike from Lifeline. This air bike does its purpose by combining cycling and rowing action for greater results. This bike helps you improve your cardio while strengthening your endurance and resistance to achieve that fit body.

This bike works best because it offers you a comfortable, safe and secure workout without harming your joints and knees. Doing exercise on an air bike helps you to get that total body exercise, not just focusing on specific areas of the body. 


Electronic Meter Display

This bike comes with an electronic meter display which shows you the progress of your workout. You can now easily track and monitor your fitness improvements through this feature which clearly indicates the distance traveled, time spent, speed, and calories burnt in the whole routine. 

Ergonomically Designed

This exercise bike is portable, non-motorized and is suitable for home use. You can easily adjust the strength by turning the manual tension knob. It has ergonomic adjustable-reach arms with padded grips which helps you to have a more comfortable ride

The seat is also adjustable to suit users of various leg length. The handles cannot be moved backwards and forwards so you can have a ride like a real-bike ride.

Durable and Sturdy

This bike is designed and made from high-quality materials to ensure that you get a top-quality of products worthy of your hard-earned money. This fitness machine is durable and stable because of its steel frame construction. 

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What Do We like

Space Efficient

The Lifeline Exercise Air Bike has a simple and compact design. If you want to have your own gym inside your homes, then this bike is great option for you to get your fitness routine started. This is perfect for home use. If you are not using the bike, you can just simply store it inside your house without consuming a big space or floor area.

What We Don’t Like

Smaller Seats

This air bike from Lifeline has a compact design, thus it has a smaller seat. Spending too much in riding this bike may cause lower back pain, and even pain in the hips or buttocks.


Air bikes are great option to get started in your exercise routines. This exercise air bike from Lifeline is perfect for home use, thus, you will no longer need to worry and be guilty not going to the gym because of inclement weather. The risk of injury is also little compared to outdoor exercise. You can now have that dream exercise without leaving the comfort of your home because now, you can have your own mini gym.

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