Kobo AB-3 Air Bike Review

Do you want to experience a new and unique way to exercise? Kobo introduces an air bike that offers you a variety of options on staying fit and fab. Kobo offers you AB-3 Steel Air Bike. This air bike promises to provide you with a low impact of the workout but is not low-quality compared to other types of bikes out in the market. 

This air bike is great for its simplicity. Because of the simpler design, it is convenient and easy to use and makes it suitable for all users with different sizes, shapes, and ages. Because the handles move as you pedal, it guarantees you to have a whole-body workout. This air bike claims to be a heavy-duty air bike for home use.

Computer Meter Display

The AB-3 Steel Air Bike from Kobo comes with a computer meter display that shows you your fitness statistics. This helps you to be more engaged and motivated because you can clearly see the results of your hard work.

This meter display indicates certain areas such as speed, scan, distance traveled, the time elapsed, calories burnt and ODO. The tool shows you easy-to-read information for your improvements. This is very helpful for that fitness enthusiasts who are conscious of the results of every session.

Adjustable Resistance

This exercise bike comes with adjustable resistance for that added optimum performance. You can easily adjust the tension by using the resistance knob on the bike.

Great things about fan bikes is that the air controls the resistance levels, the greater the speed and force of pedaling, the more resistance is created. This means that the more you pedal and exert effort, the more you get challenged. 

Commendable Design

This AB-3 Steel Air Bike from Kobo comes with dual action moving handles. These handlebars allow you to exercise your arms while you are working your legs and core muscles. It has a padded seat that can easily be adjusted to provide you with exceptional comfort while riding.

It has a two-way adjustment system that enables you to adjust and set it in a seating position that suits your preference, thus making it a perfect fit for users of different height. This 20.5-kg bike has dimension of 105cm x 58cm x 115cm.  This also comes with adjustable foot straps to keep your feet stable while pedaling. 

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What Do We like

Durable and Sturdy

This air bike is made from high-quality steel which makes it durable and stable to ensure it gives you long-lasting performance. Because of it high-quality, it can carry up to a maximum user weight of 120kg.

This bike is also easy to install because aside from the simpler and clear assembly manual and tools provided with the machine, it is also 80 percent pre-assembled. It is easier for you to assemble it with less hassle.


What We Don’t Like

Smaller Seat

Although this bike has a back seat, it has a smaller seat. It is not wide and large enough. Your weight is not evenly distributed to provide you a more comfortable ride while doing your exercise. Unlike other indoor bikes with a larger seats, you may have a bit of a problem because it may cause pain, especially on your hips and buttocks.


Kobo AB-3 Steel Air Bike is a great option for you to start exercising safely. Since it is an indoor bike, you will no longer be worried about the incremental weather because you can now have your workout in the comfort of your own home.  

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