Energie Fitness Review

Staying fit requires a lot of dedication and hard work. Often when we make a kick start, with time we end up doing nothing but skip the exercise sessions. This, as a result, can harm your health condition and stop you from never be able to attain your goal.

There is no doubt that when you are exercising you require space for running and you have no other options left with you than getting yourself ready and go out for running. Yes, most of the times we tend to skip because we feel extremely lethargic to put on the dress and shoes and then go out for running.

Moreover, some days even the climate does not let you accomplish your fitness goals. Especially during the rainy season, we tend to skip most of our running classes but this can seriously harm your health condition in a bad way. In order to make sure that you don’t need to go out but you can exercise daily at the convenience of your home; all you need is a treadmill. Only a treadmill can solve the issues and compel you to workout every single day without any absence.

Well, the market is having end number of choices but the new Energie Fitness designed a stylish way and integrated with some of the top features can help you achieve your goals. Being a cardio machine that has some of the best features, most of the people these days are up to buying this machine to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Having a motor of 2.5 HP, this treadmill can run up to a peak of 2.50HP to absorb the pressure given during performing the intense exercises. Having said this machine has great features, the manufacturers still kept the price tag extremely affordable of below INR 20000. This, as a result, has increased the demand for this sturdy treadmill in today’s market.

Undoubtedly the features have made this treadmill the first choice for people, but also its price tag has become an added benefit in this. We will find out more in details about this treadmill and how the features are going to become e help for the people.

Product Features

Treadmills are designed in a way that it becomes great for people to attain your fitness goals. Moreover, a price tag is given to a treadmill depending on the features it has been integrated with.

Even when the price tag is affordable, the treadmill has a lot of features equipped in it. Let us check some of the major features of this treadmill:

1.25HP Motor:

Making sure that you will be able to take the intense workout, this treadmill has been provided with a strong motor of 1.25HP. Since this might not be enough to go for the intense sessions, this treadmill has been designed to go up to a peak of 2.50HP.

This means that no matter even if you are a pro level runner or someone who has just started exercising; this treadmill can easily offer desirable result to the users.

1-12km/h of Speed:

When it comes to treadmills, speed is obviously a great factor to check as our bodies tend to go for more with regular exercising.

Keeping the needs of the people and understanding all the working of our body, the manufacturers have integrated a great speed range of 1 to 12km/h.

This will give you the freedom to go for upper speed range and train your body for more intense exercises.

Display Monitor:

In order to check everything while walking on the treadmill, you require a display. To make it simple for you, the treadmill has been designed with a clear wide display that shows all the important information like calories burnt, heart rate, preset modes, distance and speed.

Not only this provides you with information but also it is a way of motivating you to go for more.  

12 Preset Programs:

The treadmill has been integrated with different program modes in order to help people attain their health needs with ease. The 12 preset programs set in this treadmill aids in making a choice of your own and start working out accordingly.

90kgs of Max User Weight:

Keeping it great to use for the family, the manufacturer has designed it in a way that it gets the ability to carry varied user weight. With 90 kgs of max user weight, this treadmill can easily take up the exercise needs for your entire family.

42 x 15 Inches of Running Surface:

Often we ignore the need for having a broader and wider running surface, but it is a necessity to have look whether it is comfortable for you or not.

Incase the running surface is not wide or broad enough while running, it might result in some accidents. Keeping this necessity in mind, the treadmill has been designed with a great running surface of 42 x 15 inches. This means, it becomes easier for users to run.

8 Point Deck Suspensions:

While running on the top speeds, we tend to put longer and harder strikes on the ground. This actually means if not taken care of, this can result in damaging the joints.

Moreover, longer and harder strides make a lot of noise. In order to get rid of all these issues, the manufacturer has designed this treadmill with 8 Point Deck Suspensions.

This mean no matter how fast you run or how hard your strides are, you are safe and the treadmill will not make noise.


As not everyone is having a dedicated room for exercising, there is always a need for designing a treadmill that will not take huge space but will offer the same result like that of a high-end treadmill.

Keeping the restriction and necessities in mind, this treadmill has been designed in a way that it can be folded. This means once you are done exercising, you can fold and out it in some corner of the room.

Let Us Have a Look At The Features in Short:

Warranty 1 year of motor, parts and labor warranty
Motor1.25HP and runs to 2.50HP (Peak)
Speed Range 1 to 12 km/h
DisplayLCD monitor
Display InfoHeart Rate, Speed, Preset Mode, Time and Speed
Max User Weight90kgs
Running Surface1080 x 400mm
Suspension8 Point Deck Suspensions
InstallationComes pre-assembled, so the rest can be easily handled by anyone

What Do We Like

  • Work Smoothly: We love almost everything about this treadmill, and the best part of this treadmill is the way it runs smooth without showing up any problem. Even when you run at the top speed, you will not find any trouble and can easily do that without any issues or complications.
  • Look Stylish: Most of the treadmill available in the market even when has been equipped with numerous features, but they do not look that stylish. Making sure that the treadmill fits perfectly on your newly designed room, this treadmill has been designed in a very stylish way.
  • Easy Assembly: As mentioned above, this is a great fitness machine with some of the amazing features equipped in it.  Even when the treadmill has been provided with worthy features, you do not have to call an expert as the assembly can be done by yourself. All you need is to go through the manual and follow it properly.
  • Compact and Space Saver: Making sure that the treadmill does not take much space even when it is open, this treadmill has been designed in a very space saving way. This compact treadmill is very easy to install even in a small apartment along with space saving storage is an added advantage.
  • Easy to Use: Even when the treadmill has been featured with a number of amazing specifications, it does not become hard for anyone to understand its functionality. With its easy to use functionality, the treadmill can be handled by anyone and everyone. Whether you have older people or a younger one, you don’t have to worry as the treadmill will not take time to understand.

What We Don’t Like

  • No Incline Available: We love each and every feature of this treadmill, but we are very depressed to see that this treadmill does not have any incline features. Since the treadmills are made for intense cardio sessions, incline should have been there.


The new Energie Fitness treadmill has been provided with some of the amazing features. Being such an amazing treadmill available at a decent price tag, this becomes worthy enough to place your bet for it.

Moreover, the speed range and the preset modes available in this treadmill make it a great choice for both the intense and the beginner trainees. Comfortable running zone, great suspension and making no noise while working out makes it a worthy machine to buy.

So what are you waiting for? Just place your order and start exercising.


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