Schwinn 470 Elliptical Trainers Review

Are you looking for an exercise machine to get you started with your fitness goals? Schwinn introduces the 470 Elliptical Trainer, which offers you a low-impact workout while exercising both your upper and lower body to decrease the risk of impact injuries.

This fitness machine focuses more on your legs and thighs by simulating stair climbing, walking, or running but without causing too much pressure on the joints, knees and ankles.

This machine does not only help you tone your upper and lower body muscles but also helps you improve the good cardio workout. If you want a machine that gives you low-impact but a total-body workout, then this fitness machine is a perfect choice.

Dual Track Two LCD Window System

The Schwinn 470 Elliptical Machine comes with a dual-track two LCD screen system that offers you visibility on to all programs.

This LCD indicates a wide range of preset exercise programs for you to choose from like 9 profiles; 8 heart rate control; 2 custom user-defined; 2 fitness test; 1 quick start and additional features.

This tool helps you to keep an eye on your results because it makes you motivated to do more. Working out is about seeing evident results.

Commendable design

This machine has a dimension of 70.1” (L) x 28.2” (W) x 63.2” (H). This machine is specifically designed to have a sturdy build to ensure its durability to stand for a longer period of time. It is made from a high-quality steel frame.

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What Do We like

Added Built-in Features

The Schwinn 470 Elliptical Machine offers a number of built-in features to make your workout experience more comfortable. It has grips to support you from getting on and off the bike and to support you while you are riding the machine.

It also has a charging USB port where you can connect your gadgets, speakers for you to listen to your favorite music while working out, and an adjustable three-speed fan to keep your call on your fitness activities, plus a media shelf.

20-Level Resistance

This elliptical trainer from Schwinn comes with 20 levels of computer-controlled resistance. You can easily adjust this resistance as to the intensity that you prefer for a more challenging workout experience.

The higher the intensity, the more challenging it becomes. The more it becomes challenging, the greater results you can achieve.

What We Don’t Like

Bulky and not easy to store

The Schwinn 470 Elliptical Trainers is bigger compared to other elliptical trainers. Considering its design, you will need to have a bigger floor area if you are planning to have this kind of exercise machine in your house.

It is not foldable; therefore, it is difficult to store it when not in use. It is a disadvantage especially for those who have smaller spaces in their house.


The Schwinn 470 Elliptical Trainers help you strengthen your whole body. While riding the elliptical trainer, your body is primarily at work when you run or walk. The machine gets you a good aerobic workout. It can strengthen your endurance and stamina through the simulation of running, walking, jogging, or stair climbing.

The fitness machine is suitable for those who would want to get a quality workout but do not have much time to go to the gym or have outdoor exercise.

You might consider having this machine from Schwinn on top of your list. It helps in burning unwanted fats while improving your cardio and strengthening your endurance and stamina.

This machine takes your fitness routine to a whole new level. Get yours now and experience the benefits of this fitness machine has to offer.

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