Syska SHR626 AcuSharp Shaver Review

When it comes to electric shavers in India, Syska is probably one of the best of its kind. It started out as an appliance company around 3 decades ago. Since then they continued to innovate providing various products not only in the world of appliances but as well in personal care, and many more.

One of their remarkable grooming products is their electric shavers. They are truly one of a kind and at the same time reliable. Syska SHR626 Acu Sharp Reciprocating Shaver is loaded with modern technology to ensure that every shaving session will be satisfying to experience.

Pop-up Trimmer

This feature will give you the privilege to create nicely-trimmed sideburns, mustache, and other specific facial hairstyles.

Ultra-Thin Blade Foil

It ensures that your facial hair will be cut to the maximum without leaving any nicks or cuts thus providing you a safe shaving experience.


You do not have to buy batteries from time to time because whenever the shaver runs out of power just plug the charger and wait for it to finish charging. You can use this shaver for an hour of every 8 hours of charging.

Highly Acute Shaving System

This feature will let the shave glide smoothly on your skin resulting in smoother and cut-free skin. This is also responsible for removing even the smallest hair in your face or body.

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What Do We like

Superb Design

It has a beautiful-looking exterior that is built not only for style but also for comfort and portability. The ergonomic handle is responsible for the comfortable grip and the compact size is for its portability. It has no hard to understand mechanisms as well so that you can use it without having a hard time.

Quiet Operation

It does not produce any annoying sounds which enable you to use it with peace of mind that you will never disturb anyone around you

Highly Affordable

It has a budget-friendly price that everyone will surely afford.

What We Don’t Like

Not Waterproof

Since it is not waterproof you cannot wash it off directly with running water and you must be mindful not to let any types of liquids to have some contact with it.


In this shaver, you will find all the amazing features like pop up trimmer, quiet operation, etc that too at a very affordable price. It comes with a warranty of two years and is a travel-friendly product.

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