Philips HP6390/51 Norelco Precision Perfect Trimmer Review

As much as possible we would like to have a shaver that has the highest precision. This specific attribute will actually provide better trimmings that are closest to the skin without getting any cuts.

With regard to that, Philips Norelco Precision Perfect Shaver is probably perfect for the job. It is equipped with the modern technology needed for you to achieve that well-shaved skin.

So when you are looking for an electric shaver that you can use personally then you might want to consider this shaver. You will experience the durability that it has combined with useful features to give you promising results. Let us now discuss its other features and advantages on bulleted points below.

Topnotch Trimmer

Because of its highly-effective trimmer expect that you will have more desirable shaving results.

Wide Base

This allows you to place the shaver in an upward position to save space while on storage.

Protective Cap

It protects the head from any damage especially when you are not using the shaver.

Hassle-Free Usage

You can use it effectively without the need to extensively figuring out how to use it because it has simple components that you can understand really easily.

Affordable Price

The budget-friendly price that it has will surely fit anyone’s budget.

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What Do We like


You can bring it easily wherever you go because of the portable size that it has.

Ergonomic Grip

This shaver has an ergonomic grip that will provide you with lots of comforts while you are using the shaver.

Easy to Clean

When it is already dirty or full of hair, just wash it off and it is ready to use again.

Gentle on the Skin

It has hypoallergenic materials that make sure that your skin is free from any harm while using this shaver. 

Spectacular Design

Its unique and eye-catching design will truly make you feel much better while you are using it because of the elegance that it can give you.


Quiet Operation

Its motor really performs quietly while in use making it desirable to use at all parts of the day.

Great in Energy Conservation

It does not use that much power that is why to expect that you can use it for longer periods of time because of its long battery life.

What We Don’t Like

Not Advisable For Complete Removal of Hair

The primary purpose of this shaver is just to trim hair and not to completely remove it that’s why if your purpose is to remove hair entirely then this is not for you.


It was fun discussing the details of this shaver with you guys and we hope that you’ve learned a lot from it. This is absolutely the review article that you should utilize in your buying decision. We wish you all the best in your future endeavors and in your quest in finding a shaver that suits you.

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