Braun BG5010 Wet/Dry Body Groomer for Men Review

When it comes to electric shaving brands, Braun is one of the best and most famous brands. Furthermore, it was acquired by Gilette in 1967 which guarantees that it will meet the standards of quality that a shaver must-have. Right now, it is a subsidiary company of Procter & Gamble which is a huge multinational company.

The company started in Germany specifically in Kronberg. Since then they have undergone major changes which are more on the management side. This made the company grow and made their shavers better than ever.

With regard to that, we would like to introduce to you the Braun BG5010 Wet/Dry Body Groomer for Men. It is made of highly-durable materials that will ensure that you will feel good about yourself every time you finish shaving. Let us check more of it by knowing its features and pros.

Wet and Dry Operation

It gives you the ability to use the shaver on either wet or dry skin to meet all your preferences.

Body-Trimmer Feature

You can use this shaver not only for trimming your facial hair but for your body hair as well.

Three Trimming Combs

This will let you cater to various lengths or areas and trim them effectively by choosing the right comb for them. You will get three option lengths – 0.6mm, 3mm, 8mm

Dual Battery

It gives the shaver a longer battery lifespan so that you can use it much longer.

Charging LED lights

It ensures that you are informed of the current status of the shaver while it is charging.

Charging Stand

This makes the charging of your shaver more organized and also keeps the shaver safe in one place.

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What Do We like

Silent Operation

This shaver does not emit that much noise while in use making it perfect to use at any time of the day.


It is small in size and light in terms of weight that is why you can bring it anywhere you go.


It is a shaver that is made for all men to afford no matter what their financial status is.

Easy to Grip

Its handle is superbly easy to hold because of its ergonomic design that minimizes the occurrence of soreness.

Hassle-Free to Use

Rest assured that you will not have a hard time using it because it has no hard to understand components that will hinder you from using it.

Not Harsh on Skin

This shaver will not inflict any harm or irritation on your skin because it is made of hypoallergenic materials.

Easy to Maintain

People will not have any problems maintaining it because its blades are significantly cheap and can be found almost anywhere.

What We Don’t Like

Takes a Long Time to Finish Charging

You will have to wait for 14 hours before it reaches the fully-charged status.


We are happy that we are able to impart our review regarding this electric shaver from Braun. You can now make use of what you have learned from this article and consider it in your decision before you click the buy button. Nevertheless, this shaver will make you feel much better about yourself and that is guaranteed!

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