EARTH LIKE Extra Virgin Olive Review

Earth Like is a leading self-care and wellness brand that is dedicated to supplying sustainable natural products that are packed with nutritional goodness. 

It maintains the purity of ingredients and keeps the products free from chemicals.

It focuses on using environmentally-friendly and sophisticated techniques for producing anti-oxidants-rich natural products that keep all the nutrition intact. Its products are manufactured from a premium range of harvests.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) by Earth Like is formulated as the unrefined and purest source of olive oil. It is the highest grade of olive oil that may work in weight loss, skincare, hair care, and cooking.

This oil is extracted from the paste of Hojiblancom Picual & Plcuddi olives in a controlled environment by employing cold processing technology. As this involves the zero heat method, it retains all the nutrients.

EARTH LIKE Extra Virgin Olive Review


100% Natural & Vegan

This is a 100% natural and vegan olive oil that is manufactured by grinding natural olives into a paste. 

This paste is then cold-pressed for extracting the natural olive oil.

Unrefined, Unbleached, and Non-odorized Oil

EARTH LIKE Extra Virgin Olive

EVOO is unrefined and unbleached olive oil. It is the purest grade of olive oil. Such cold-pressed olive oil is known to provide a wide range of health benefits such as reducing high blood pressure, improving blood cholesterol, boosting hair, and skin health, etc. 

It is non-odorized oil that retains the golden-green hue of the olive fruit. 

Rich in antioxidants and Vitamin E

EVOO is packed with the goodness of antioxidants and Vitamin E. This makes it ideally suitable for hair and skin health.

Rich in Omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids

EARTH LIKE Extra Virgin Olive Review

EVOO is enriched with Omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids that are known to boost heart health by reducing triglycerides and blood pressure. 

Olive oil prevents the building of arterial plaques and also supports the mental well beings of the consumers.

High in MUFA, Cholesterol Free & Trans-fats Free

This extra virgin olive oil is free from cholesterol and trans-fats. It is high in MUFA (medium-chain fatty acid) and PUFA (polyunsaturated fatty acids). This improves heart health by reducing the levels of LDL (bad) cholesterol and increasing the levels of HDL (good) cholesterol. 

It contains less than 0.5% fatty acids by weight and less than 25% saturated fatty acid by weight. Thus, it can help to keeps your heart happy. 

Ingredients and Nutritional Value

EARTH LIKE Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Certified and Safe Oil

This extra virgin olive oil is an ISO and GMO-certified product. It is an FSSAI approved olive oil that is imported from Spain. 

It is pesticide-free, sulfate-free oil, and paraben-free oil that is safe for both babies and adults alike.


This extra virgin olive oil comes in a beautiful packing of 250 ml bottle.

Best Suited for Whom

Earth Like’s extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) is suitable for individuals who are looking for an oil with powerful health care benefits such as weight loss, healthy heart, skincare, haircare, and body care. It is ideally suitable for babies to provide effective nourishment and health care.


Great for cooking

It is an excellent oil for a wide range of cooking activities. It is suitable for dressing salads.

You can also use it for light sautéing. Even though it has a lower smoke point than other oils like sunflower oil, it works great for many cooking styles. It is also suitable for raw consumption. 

Helps in weight loss

This extra virgin olive oil may help to manage your weight as it is completely cholesterol-free and trans-fats free. 

It can be your ideal companion in your weight loss journey. It helps in satiating your appetite and reducing frequent hunger pangs. 

Hair Care

It provides optimal hair care as it easily penetrates deeply into hair shafts. Massaging hair and scalp using this extra virgin olive oil enhance the blood flow to the hair follicles. This results in the stimulation of the hair follicles leading to the growth of thicker strands of hair.

Our findings with this olive oil indicate that it also prevents split ends. As it penetrates the hair shaft and preserves moisture, it adds softness and strengthens the hair. This oil smoothens the outer hair cuticle and leaves your hair looking shiny.


This Earth Like olive oil is rich in various skin-friendly and skin-nourishing vitamins like vitamins A, D, K, and E. 

Moreover, it also contains squalene. It can be used for preventing signs of premature aging and sun damage.

Due to its high moisturizing properties, it keeps your skin hydrated and prevents the occurrence of acne. You can use it for effective skin nourishment.

Baby’s nourishment

It can be used to give massage to your babies. It comes packed with various antioxidants, vitamin E, vitamin K, and fats; that help in reducing inflammation in a baby’s skin. It can be used for treating cradle caps and diaper rashes. 

It moisturizes and nourishes the baby’s skin, treats cough and constipation, assists in healthy brain development and weight gain.


No negative points were observed.


We found that this Extra Virgin olive oil is an excellent oil that offers a wide range of health and personal care benefits in adults and babies. We recommend it to everyone for experiencing the benefits of the highest grade of olive oil.