DYNA Tubular Cricket Sleeve Universal Review

Dynamic Techno Medical (DTM) is an established health care company that has been manufacturing and supplying high-quality and affordable medical devices since 1979. Dyna is the trustworthy flagship brands of DTM that enjoy pan-India sales and distribution.

It provides a wide array of medical products across various segments including compression therapy, advanced wound care, and incontinence, and orthopaedic bracing. It boasts of CE-certified and FDA-approved products that are hugely popular in the medical device space.

Dyna Tubular Cricket Sleeve is a compressive sleeve that is anatomically contoured and designed for managing the symptoms of minor pain, strain, and sprain during playing intensive sports like cricket, football, baseball, volleyball, etc.

Our team has tried this tubular compression sleeve while playing cricket and found it to be comfortable for wearing throughout the day while maintaining the required compression.

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High-Quality Elastic Material

Dyna tubular cricket sleeve is prepared from a high-quality elastic material that provides comfortable wear for prolonged periods. 

Our team member wore it and played a couple of cricket games. We observed that it felt comfortable throughout the innings even in hot climatic conditions.

Consistent Compression

This cricket sleeve is scientifically designed to provide consistent compression across the length of your arms. Compression at the arm and elbow can help in increasing blood circulation. 

Also, the sleeve can help in regulating the temperature of the arm.

Thus, you will feel the strength and agility in your arms while playing various cricketing shots. It gives you the confidence to dive and take breathtaking catches without worrying about injuries.

Allows full range of motion 

With this compression sleeve, you can enjoy a full range of motion. 

When we played cricket matches while wearing this sleeve, we observed that it didn’t restrict our body movements while running, catching, bowling, or batting.

Relief from Elbow Joints Discomfort

While bowling for longer spells, a bowler feels strain and discomfort in elbow joints. Similarly, a batsman playing with a heavy bat for longer periods feels sprain or fatigue in elbow joints due to lifting bat, playing powerful strokes, or receiving body blows against fast deliveries. 

This sleeve is designed to provide immense relief from elbow joints discomfort and thus, it is a must-have for both bowlers and batsman playing at any level. 

Protects Against Sun-burns

Playing cricket under harsh sun rays during summer exposes may leave you with sunburns. This compressive sleeve provides protection for your arms against sun-burns by forming a protective layer.

It’s common to get field bruises while attempting acrobatic moves to take catches or save runs. Wearing this compressive sleeve prevents your arms from field bruises.


This compressive sleeve comes in 5m and 10m rolls. Based on the length of a player’s arms; these can be easily cut to fit the desired size.

It is also available in a team pack of 2X 10 M, and 4X5 m.

Best Suited for Whom

Dyna tubular cricket sleeve is best suited for every sportsperson who wants to stay fit for withstanding the rigours of playing intensive sports. 

It is ideally suitable for relieving minor strain, pain or sprain due to minor injuries during matches.


Protects from Abrasions 

When you dive on the ground for taking catches or preventing runs, you may experience cuts and abrasions to your arms and other body parts. 

This sleeve provides effective protection from abrasions while playing action-packed sports like cricket. 

Relief from Pain

Playing cricket involves encountering pain, sprains, and muscle strains. To a certain extend, wearing this sleeve serves to alleviate your pain and keeps you fit in the field for delivering match-winning performances.

Controls Joint Effusion

While playing cricket, your joints experience a heavy-workload in the field for long durations. This may lead to joint effusion due to the abnormal accumulation of fluid. When you wear this compression sleeve, it controls the incidence of joints effusion.

Avoids Muscle Cramps

You may succumb to muscle cramps while taking long run-ups during bowling, running quick singles between the wickets, or running hard for preventing the boundaries. This compressive sleeve maintains consistent pressure and effectively helps towards avoiding the muscle cramps to a certain degree.

Exceptional Quality

Dyna tubular cricket sleeve is designed with premium quality material by using advanced technology for ensuring precision compression qualities. 

We tried this compression sleeve and found it to be effective in providing optimal compression with a long-lasting pressure gradient.

Excellent Compliance 

This compression sleeve easily fits as per one arm’s contours. It maintains the required compression without any uncomfortable tightness.

We have tried this sleeve for a couple of matches and found them to be easy-to-wear and comfortable fit every time. 

Skin Friendly

It is a skin-friendly compression sleeve that can be worn even in hot and humid conditions. It is ideally suitable for wearing in all climates and feels gentle on your skin.

When we used this compression sleeve in hot climatic conditions and found it to be comfortable.


No side-effects observed so far with this compression sleeve.


Our experience with this compression sleeve indicates that it delivers high-quality compression for a longer period and can be a better option to effectively tackle minute muscle pain or cramps while playing matches. 

It is a skin-friendly compression sleeve that is well-tolerated by the players and optimally meets their compression requirements.