IFB Neptune VX Fully Electronic Dishwasher Review

IFB manufactures appliances with contemporary design, lots of features, and longevity. This IFB Neptune is a fully automated dishwasher with 12 place setting. It comes with various features like pre-set wash programs, natural drying, and less water consumption as well.

This dishwasher is very convenient to use and comes with various features. It is a high capacity dishwasher with 12 place setting, consumes only 9 liters of water during the cleaning cycle and does not make much of a noise. Let’s compare the pros and cons of this machine to see if it is worth buying.

Space utilisation

This is a front-loading dishwasher, which is very convenient to use and you can easily place your dishes inside to be cleaned. From larger plates to smaller teacups, wine glass to pans and cutlery, it is designed in an organized manner to put it all to wash.

Water softening device

To ensure proper cleaning of your dishes IFB has provided an additional device in the dishwasher that dissolves your detergent to clean your dishes more hygienically. This device will increase the machine’s efficiency and you will not notice any spots or dirt in your utensils.


IFB knows what their customers want from them, what are the expectations, and what would be value for money. You would not prefer buying a noisy machine. IFB presents this Neptune VX which will not annoy you with it’s noise while it is operating. You can be in the same room doing any other work and completely forget that the machine is working and running at its full efficiency.

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What Do We like

12 Place setting

Everyone wants to wash their dishes at once. This high capacity 12 place setting IFB dishwasher is just the right product for you. It can store dishes for up to 4-5 people of a family to clean properly. This machine is more than enough for a typical family.


Washing your dirty dishes is a difficult task and they require lots of water to clean the stains or to get rid of the dirt and soil. Wasting gallons of water while doing your dishes is not recommended at all. This IFB dishwasher only consumes 9 liters of water to clean a full load of dirty dishes and will clean them thoroughly leaving no stains behind. You would be saving tons of water regularly.

Half load function

Sometimes you have fewer utensils but cannot wash in the ordinary dishwashers because they recommend to clean them only after the load is full to save energy and water consumption. This half load facility will allow you to wash very fewer dishes. The machine will detect the number of utensils and it will execute the cleaning process by one side of the machine saving energy and water consumption equally.

Adjustable basket

The adjustable basket that comes with it is very useful and comes handy when you are about to clean your dishes in a single load. The basket can be adjusted to fit large utensils such as Indian thaalis. Make some adjustments to fit your utensils.

Quick wash

This dishwasher is enabled with the feature Quick wash. It allows you to clean your dishes which need lite cleaning, using very little detergent and water. The total cleaning cycle is done within only 40 minutes.

Eco wash

Like most of the IFB dishwashers, this one is also an environment-friendly product. This will consume less energy, water and detergent to clean your dishes.

Wash and dry

Not only a dishwasher will help you clean your dishes quickly, but it will also dry them out in no time. The steam produced during the cleaning cycle is being used to dry the utensils.

What We Don’t Like

Energy comsumption

The wattage of the machine is around 2.2 kilowatt which is a lot for a dishwasher. Whereas every other company is making their dishwashers to be more energy-saving this one is consuming more than usual. On average, a dishwasher is supposed to be within 1200-1800 watts. This can cause your electricity bills to increase.


IFB is a trustworthy brand that produces many high-quality appliances. The fully automatic dishwasher will clean the dishes and then dries them out for you. it will save a lot of water and energy as well, resulting in less water and electricity bills. This is an ideal choice for family uses. Must buy this product if you have the budget for it.

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Koushik Mondal

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